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It's monsoon time in SE Asia, a relentless, unpredictable flow of rain and wind and little breakthrough sun. It's like being under a heavy blanket without being able to find the edges to poke a hand or toe through. But it's rain, and rain is comforting and healing. Not the pee-rain of Seattle or the oops-rain of California. The comfort comes with the downpour-rain of the tropics and the Mediterranean, of Florida and Southern Sweden, of the long-ago be-quiet rains along the Great Lakes and upstate New York. Rain that is steady and pours with not too much wind drenches, cleans inside and out, embraces with a smile of droplets. Rainwater is not as clean as it used to be or as soft or as refreshing... but until the last glacier drops in Antarctica, rain will remain one of the few bonds that keeps us together.

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