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Thai Nights - Twilight

"Distraction seems to be what we are all about," a long-gone good friend of mine once remarked. It must be true: We are a species of creatures that enter the world non-sentient, unaware of anything but the urge for pleasure and its propagandized gift of comfort. When the shell dissolves, each of us, as a young human, is shocked, stunned, shook; we tremble in the clarity of our own self-image. We become dazed with the knowledge of who we are and where we are and what it is we are doing. Then it strikes, a tremor from deep in the mind's mountain, a vision of the end. It ends, this life ends. The thought, the sensation chokes us. We struggle to break away from it, to breathe free. It flows back again, smothering us. An endless loop, a sense of futility that becomes a wind as solid as a wall. So we put our heads down and launch ourselves like small, migrating birds, furiously flapping our wings, sometimes in great glassy-eyed flocks, often alone, eventually alone, until we drop - dead. It ends. It is distraction that keeps us flying, the candies of religion that we shove into our mouth, the herd-grown palliatives that we stuff up our nose, the finger-paints that we smear across our eyes and into our ears. What are the questions? How? What? Where? When? Anything to keep us from lifting our heads and looking into the face of Medusa, rendering into stone the only reality, the only question: Why? It is the distraction that keeps us flying, and I am one of the great experts in pursuing thought-numbing distraction.

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