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Time In Tuscany

She: Don't make it a nightmare again. You came in with the rain last night and flooded me with images I almost forgot. You stick your fingers into my brain and explode it. Now that the pieces are melting together again, you look like you want to run and hide, as if there's a crowd watching you.
He: What should I do?
She: I loved you!
He: I think we never grew up.
She: I think you've changed.
He: It's the old stinko.
She: And today it's dripping out of every crack in the wall. It oozes under the door.
Do you think I didn't let it rip at me, tear my guts out? Do you think sometimes I didn't feel ugly, deformed? These past few years, all of the people I've been with, lying on their skin, feeling them touch me, touching them, trying to be wet and alive. I thought.: I'll pay... almost forever. I can't have what I wasn't supposed to taste. If I bite through my tongue and my lips, the blood will pass, and the new blood will be fresh and clean. Because it wasn't true. Because you were you and I was you and they were just... all of the men in my life.
He: All of the women in my life. Remember the marvelous stories you used to read to me about courtly love. The knight and his lady. Each was married... to someone else. But what passed between them was considered pure, a pure passion. Because there were no other motives. They could never marry. Even if they ran off together. All they had was the touch between them.
She: Like us?
He: I don't know!
She: Is that us?
Or has it all come back in an ugly way... to make us sick... and twisted.
He: I don't know what we are. I don't ever want to hurt you again. I know I loved you, and you're alive, and I need to be alive with you. I don't care about the past or what's right or what's wrong. I don't care about other people and the miserable way they live with each other and the way they force us to chew on their misery. There's so little time, so little time.
She: I never left you...on that beach.
He: It was a poor place... so many stones, and all the duckweed.
She: The sun got very hot, almost too hot to swim.
He: There were little bright blue dragonflies.
She: Dragonflies.
HE: And you were naked.
SHE: And so were you.
HE: They want us to fall down and bow our heads. They want us to fall backwards and cluck our tongues, be part of their fear.
She: But we have a chance, don't we? We can run... inside each other, roll up inside and run... down all the dark alleys. Clear away all the shadows.
He: I'm really very afraid... frozen.
She: Inside of me you are my lover.
He: Inside of you I am your lover.

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