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Time In Tuscany

He: No! Listen to me... you are very beautiful... you make me very beautiful... and what we have done is invent ourselves, carve ourselves out of soft stone. Nothing will ever change that. The rules don't matter, the beliefs don't matter... it's like stepping off the edge of the planet into space. All there is... is you... and me. No more ending and starting over. But don't you see, whatever it is or was, it floated us together in the same place at the same time. We have to disconnect ourselves now. We can't go off with all of the threads unraveling behind us.
She: I don't care. I want distance... and time with you. I see me, in your eyes. And then I see you. We have the eyes, remember? From one eye to the other.
He: It's raining.
She: It's quiet out there. That big rolling Hudson River, all blue-gray and quiet. Look how it refuses to let the fog come in. It's strong. And I want to be strong, I don't want to be afraid.
He: Then we won't be.
She: No, we won't be.
He: Like magic?
She: Like magic! Please, my lover, protect us!
He: Please, my lover, protect us!

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