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Ancients of Antillia – The Atlantean    

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Encounter The Atlantean, a Time Traveler, who says a prayer and suddenly his energies begin to stream outward to a point in time, somewhere in the Time Continuum that he will not know of until he arrives. He is about to discover where he is and why he was pulled there. – 500 years into the past. What advanced technologies from Atlantis, not yet discovered from our future, will be discovered?
Experience the journey of a lifetime, of a millenium, of your past and future lives with
Dianne M. Goodman Larson.

This is a Censored Version
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This is an interesting book with an air of belief even though it is fiction. Independent of this story, we have a story and screenplay entitled, "The Atlantean" which has been optioned and will be the basis of or a part of a future James Bond film. If that option expires, it will become a film on its own.
Ira Grenfall

Absolute fiction peddled as fact. But it's a good read. Looking forward to your film.
Perry G.

Censored? What does that mean? I'd hate to read the original!

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Ancients of Antillia The Atlantean
by Dianne M. Goodman Larson




In March 1996 one of the Ancient Atlanteans emerged from a pyramid in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Bimini, a small island of the Ancient Continent of Atlantis which surfaced in the 1960's.

"The Atlantean", had been waiting in a pyramid in the submerged continent of Atlantis, with his feet in liquid gold. The churning liquid gold was actually the floor of the Pyramid and without specific knowledge, no one could walk across the liquid floor of this pyramid to where the Atlantean was sitting and waiting. Only one was able to do this. With the permission of Saint Germain of the Great White Brotherhood, and escorted by that same Master of Light, Dianne Goodman Larson completed the process that began in November 1994 when she first saw "The Atlantean" as herself over 13,000 years ago in Atlantis. In this second meeting, she used her knowledge to walk through the Pyramid to the ancient one who was waiting. Following an initial ritual, they became one and the same person, as that was who she was as her male aspect over 13000 year ago. 

Dianne Larson, The Atlantean, who had recounted many crucial missing pieces of information prior to this merging in her first Book, Door To Atlantis, has since then revealed many details concerning Atlantis in its latter days and nights and the involvement of a group with which she is affiliated which she calls "The Contingent", a small group of 22 visitors along with about 2000 other "visitors" of that time, she often refers to as the Martian Atlantean Pyramid Builders. Because she is an Atlantean and has many ancient connections to other ancient groups either as a teacher of that time, as a priest, her encounters with these ancients are regular and often unexpected. These encounters however, allow her to further shine some light on the missing history of the Lost Continent of Atlantis, for the rest of us who do not have the memory. 

This book, Ancients of Antillia, describes one such encounter with the Aztecs: the boatmen of Atlantis and another piece of information which is a reminder to many of us. It occurred on July 7th, 2000.


The Atlantean


For almost everyone, visualization is a quiet ritual. For others it is full of dance and music. Like the chanting, singing and movement meditations. But is it customary to have your meditations reflected in the sky? If you are sitting quietly deep in meditation how can what you think be transposed as artwork in the sky? Well in a series of unusual events I realized that this was happening. Whatever I thought about seemed to be transposed as huge pictures in the sky. I mean miles wide, clearly defined and spectacularly beautiful. There was just one problem. I was not the one doing it. This lasted for a period of time spanning about three months. It could have been going on longer, but I first noticed it one day as I sat thinking about the space shuttle. 

One evening I sat watching television, watching the space shuttle Atlantis return from a mission in space. I love to watch them take off and land. I had never really seen any that landed as gracefully as the space shuttle. I happened to be watching television one day as it descended like an eagle. It came really close to the ground, nose held high, wings down and it glided gracefully for a full minute just off the top of the runway before the rear wheels actually made contact. After that, the cabin and front wheels remained high off the ground for several seconds before a full touchdown. It was a pretty thrilling sight.

I had played it over and over in my mind for about ten minutes and because of my love for aviation and planes, like a meditation just reliving it vicariously when I decided to get a glass of water. As I entered the kitchen, I looked through the window at the sky noticed that the sun was setting and it was ablaze with orange and pink, and shades of peach. I stared at it in amazement as the light blanketed the entire western sky. My eyes happened to drift slightly to the south and I stopped breathing. It was the most incredible sight. I stared in disbelief. It just couldn't be. Impossible. Someone or some thing had drawn the space shuttle in the sky with what seemed like lines of very pencil-thin white clouds. What in God's name was going on? As a matter of fact, as I watched, I could still see a few lines actually being completed by something; something so high, so far away and so powerful that it was able to fill up the southwestern skies for miles with artwork of a space shuttle that was so huge, that it had to have spanned hundreds of miles across space. 

I was very surprised, but as beautiful as it was, I couldn't bring myself to smile. I had too many questions. "Now I know I didn't do it. Can someone be reading my thoughts and outpicturing what was going on in my head? How? Why? Most of all who? At first, I was not at all amused, I was too confused. I watched it for several minutes. It could not have been a plane. It would mean that the pilot on board would have to be very telepathic, and on top of that, he would have to be one hell of an artist. No. That was definitely not the explanation. No, this couldn't have been the explanation either. Ships? Starships? Nah. But what else could be at such incredibly high altitude, have such maneuverability, technology that maintained miles of lines of white clouds, and still have artistic and painting or sketching abilities that a human could only imagine? What else but a starship or a group of them. They were duplicating whatever image was on my mind and transposing it as gigantic artwork in the sky. Great! Finally I laughed really hard and then had big problems keeping a straight face. I could not stop smiling for hours. But why did they do it? And who were they? I'll never know...actually perhaps I do, but not on a conscious level. 

People have been responding to my thoughts for quite a few years but only once in a while I might ask myself a question as I walked somewhere at night only to see a circle of bright flashing lights suddenly appear, streak across the sky and vanish in two, sometimes three seconds. But millions of people have that happen to them all around the world. That was not at all anything major, at least not compared with what I was seeing. What I was seeing during that sunset was something that was tens of thousands of miles up, not just 30,000 feet.


Copyright © 2005 Dianne M. Goodman Larson


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