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This is a blanket license for the use of published work in auditions. Typically, it pertains to monologues and short scenes that are in Performance Books. It can also be granted for material from other types of books, but NOT from plays published by AviarPress.

The minimum period for an Audition License is three months. Longer periods are available. The usage is unlimited during the license period. The license must be secured at least two weeks prior to first use.

Once your application is accepted , we will send you a notice that will include the cost of royalties and an agreement regarding the terms and conditions of the license.

This license only covers use for auditions. Any other use requires a Performance License.


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License Time
3 Months
6 Months
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Are you legally able to contract a license?

If you are not legally able to contract a license, enter the Name, Title and Telephone No. of the authorized person in the Comments section below.


Scene4 Books and AviarPress |

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