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Lester Cole - A legendary screenwriter, one of the founders of the Screenwriters Guild ( now the WGA) and the most unrelenting and outspoken member of the blacklisted "Hollywood Ten". He authored nearly 50 films in the "Golden" era of the Hollywood studios. He was blacklisted during the witch -hunts of the 1950's and later scripted films under a variety of names. The best known of his "fronted" films is Born Free. You can see a full listing of his films at his agency's website: D'Arcy-Kane. At his death in 1985, Cole was still an active writer, a film critic, a highly respected fim jurist in Europe, and teacher of screenwriting at the University of California. (See Books)


Jack Adler - is a freelance writer whose credits include five nonfiction books in print version: Exploring Historic California, Consumer's Guide To Travel, Southern India, There's A Bullet Hole In Your Window, and Travel Safety (co-authored). The Library of Congress selected the latter book for translation into Braille. Adler is also the author of the novels: Blackmail High, and Blind Gods. (See Books)


Julius Krinski - writer, world traveler and journalist, he has published articles, stories and poetry in a variety of media. He is currently completing a new novel which will be published next year.
(See Books)


Les Marcott - is a songwriter, musician, performer and writer. His touch and feel stem from his Texas roots and his perception encompasses a broad array of people, their relationships, and their emotional cookery... often spiced with wit and a tasty sense of irony.
(See Books)


am-0816-90-89Arthur Meiselman -Writer, playwright, director, poet and zingaro, his work has a worldwide audience. He was raised in the New York theatre, trained there and in Europe. He created the first American combined theatre and dance repertory company, The Ensemble, and was the artiistic director of a series of performing companies based in the U.S.and Europe. Currently, he is staging the Talos Ensemble and producing for Aemagefilms.
(See Books, Plays)


Gito Minore - Gito Minore was born and lives in Argentina. He published his first book of poems Alternating Emotions/ Emociones Alternas in May of 1995, followed by The Broken Glass/La Copa Rota , Noventas (1996), Walking Alone (1997), Fire in the Chest/Fuego en el Pecho (1999) and Restrained Flowers/Flores Cohibidas (2004). His poems also appear in a number of anthologies. (See Poetry)


Farzana Moon - a poet, historian and playwright, she composes Sufi poetry; historical novels, biographical Moghul sagas and plays based on stories from religion and folklore. Born and educated in Pakistan, she now resides in America as a US citizen. (See Poetry)


Rich Yurman - a poet who has published three books his poems also appear in numerous literary journals. He worked as resident playwright for the Red Balloon Theater Company in San Francisco in the 1980s and co-authored three of their productions. (See Plays)


Gregory Walker - a native of Dallas, Texas, he was previously published in an anthology, "Riders of the Rainbow," Poetry Press, and has published the books, The Inspired Life, and Maid to Kill. He was also a boxer when he served in the Navy. (See Plays)


Iri Kopal - Playwright, poet, lyricist, imagist, Kopal was born in China, raised in Israel and now makes his home in Vietnam. His stark drama has been produced in Europe and Asia, his unique images have been exhibited in Asia, and gathered in private collections. (See Plays)


Nathan Albright - began writing poetry as a child. During his teens, as an International Baccalaureate student in Tampa, FL, he started writing plays as well. He studied Civil (Structural) Engineering with a minor in History at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, and studied Theology at the Ambassador Bible Center in Milford, OH. He has written a number of plays as well as essays.(See Plays)


Bryon Harrelson
- draws many of his images from his native North Carolina home. Recovering from a severe car accident in 1998, he has written poetry for about ten years.
This is a first collection of his work.
(See Poetry)


Dianne M. Goodman Larson - is an author and a teacher of spirituality. She lectures around the country and has authored five other books and many articles. (See Books)

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