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The latest release of Books in an easy-to-read EBook-PDF format. You can read more about a book, see an excerpt, and learn about the author by clicking on its cover. And you can order a book for download using our secure server..

The Autobiography of Lester Cole, legendary screenwriter, one of the founders of the screenwriters guild ( now the WGA) and the most unrelenting and outspoken member of the blacklisted "Hollywod Ten".

1844, when California was still part of Mexico,a mysterious group of native Californios confronting the land-hungry Americans, a troubled love story of a young American girl and a secret British agent combine in this intriguing novel by Jack Adler.

The life-long journal of a writer, a confidante of Australia's Nobel Laureate, Patrick White, a lover to world famous actresses Zoe Caldwell, Pamela Stevenson (and others).A raw reckoning, a poetic journal, a journey, a life.


A zesty, tasty collection of Monologues (great for auditions!) along with short plays and short stories by writer, composer, performer Les Marcott.

Medea Noir, the complete Talos Ensemble production script by Arthur Meiselman from the original work commissioned by the 2002 Ancient Theatre Alive Festival in Greece.

In 1996 one of the "Ancient Atlanteans" emerged in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Bimini, a small island of the Ancient Continent of Atlantis.Experience the journey of a lifetime, of a millenium. 

She shows no signs of apprehension when she first steps into the strange room. It appears to me that she feels at home. She goes to bathroom. She's a natural, original creature.. Everything will be sorted out sooner or later. The will needs to be commanded.

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