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All Scene4 publications are copyrighted, registered and protected by U.S. and International laws. Plays and Performance Books require an application for live performance rights and the payment of royalties in order to obtain a performance license and a print-capable edition of the work.
Books, Poetry, Screenplays, and Media require an inquiry for the sale of rights, adaptations, translations, and other uses. Please use the appropriate secure form for your application or inquiry.

The granting of a license for specific live performance rights is based on the availability of the rights and the clearance of any conflicts with other granted licenses. It also requires the approval of the author.
Royalties are determined by the dates, number of performances, projected size of audience and whether the request is for an amateur or a professional production. It makes no difference whether or not there is an admission charge.

There are no discounts for non-profit theatres, schools, in-class readings, contests, festivals, or any other varied use. As with any other artists, playwrights create their work and expect to be compensated for their use.

Licenses for live performance rights must be secured at least Eight Weeks prior to the first performance. Once your application is accepted (and our turn-around time is quick), we will send you a notice that will include the cost of royalties and an agreement regarding the terms and conditions of the license. To obtain the license, you will need to digitally sign the agreement and pay the royalty for all performances through our online Service Center. You may also make the payment with a check, but Please Note:
The license will be released only after your check has cleared your bank.
So please allow adequate time if you use the postal service.

When the payment is verified, we will send you the license along with
a print-capable edition of the play.

There are no provisions for refunds. A license is a license! Should the unforseeable occur and result in a cancellation of performances, it may be possible to reassign the performance rights to another series of dates. However, per the agreement, that decision is at the descretion of the Author and AviarPress.

There are some circumstances under which an application may be rejected, such as, a date conflict based on location. We will notify you in detail if that circumstance arises.

To submit an application for performances of a play
please use this form: 

                  Performance License

Performance Books 
This type of work usually has monolgues and short scenes that are typically used for auditions. There is a special blanket license that carries a flat rate for unlimited use in auditions during a specified period. However, it does not cover performances or debates, or special events.
For use of a Performance Book other than individual auditions, apply for a Performance License.(above).

To submit an application for audition-only use of a Performance Book
please use this form: 

                    Audition License

Books, Poetry, Screenplays, Media
To inquire about the sale of rights for other media, adapatations, translations, and other uses of these publications,
please use this form: 

                    Rights Inquiry                                                               


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