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AviarPress accepts unsolicited submissions of fiction, non-fiction, plays, screenplays, poetry and media. We have an interest in all genre. Though we represent and manage the rights of versions of works that we publish, we are not literary agents. Recognized agents may submit by direct contact with our Acquisition Editors.

This is the submission process:

    1. Send, in an email, a brief synopsis of the work along with a 2-3 page sample of the writing. For media, send via postal mail.

    Do NOT send as an attachment, it will be rejected..
    Please do not send the complete work until requested.

    2. We do not go to web pages to review work. You must submit via email.

    3. If we're interested, we'll send you a request to review the complete work. Please allow up to 5 weeks for review.

    4. If we accept your work for publication, we'll send you an offer followed by an agreement.

    5. Authors have final review and approval before their work is published.

    6. We acknowledge all communications. Please do not inquire about your submission until at least the stated review times have passed.

    7. Email to: adress glyph Email messages only. Attachments will be rejected.

By submitting materials for publishing consideration, you enter into an agreement with AviarPress regarding your ownership of materials that you submit. You agree that you hereby represent and warrant that you have all necessary rights in and to all Submissions you provide and all material contained in such Submissions; that your Submissions shall not infringe any proprietary or other rights of third parties; that your Submissions shall not contain any viruses or other contaminating or destructive devices or features; and that your Submissions shall not be used to carry out or solicit any unlawful activity.

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to seeing your work.



Scene4 Books and AviarPress |

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