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The Tonal Colors of Cathedral Choral Society & New York Polyphony

A friend invited the Dresser to the March 19, 2017, Cathedral Choral Society concert featuring New York Polyphony. She expected to be pleased and off duty regarding a review. However, this program known as "Amid a Crowd of Stars" was a world-class performance and should not go unnoted. According to the guest conductor Michael McCarthy, who stepped in after the death of Cathedral Choral Conductor J. Reilly Lewis, the invitation to the four-man quartet known as New York Polyphony was initiated by Lewis before his death June 9, 2016. New York Polyphony comprised of countertenor Geoffrey Williams, tenor Steven Caldicott...

Mini Review of Big Concert: NSO's The Rite of Spring

The concert: National Symphony Orchestra plays "Le sacre du printemps ("The Rite of Spring") When: November 13, 2014 Conductor: Christoph Eschenbach The Program: Lera Auerbach: Eterniday/ Homage to W.A. Mozart The Dresser's reaction: rich and layered with solo instruments featured, trance-inducing, made her think of Elena Ruhr's music. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Flute concerto No. 2 in D major, K. 314 Solo performer: Flutist Aaron Goldman Cadenzas by Lera Auerbach commissioned by NSO for all three movement The Dresser's reaction: Uplifting with recognizable themes. The cadenzas were well integrated. Goldman was a pleasure to watch and hear. Igor Stravinsky: The Rite...

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