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Alicia Kane
Geoff D'Arcy
Jessica Rosen

by Arthur Meiselman

Play and Screenplay

In a small city in America, in the summer, two children fall in love.
They are ten years old (nearly eleven) and neighbors. Their
romance is as passionate and consuming for them as it is for any
couple. It leads to intimacy and an innocent awakening... she
becomes pregnant! How could this be?
As the shock fades, their families begin the ritual of denial and
acceptance. An abortion? Yes... or is it no? A taste of guilt? No...
or is it yes? The girl´s father wants to protect her, find significance
for her in what has happened. Her mother wants redemption.The
boy´s mother wants to protect him, guide him. His father wants
justice. Strange alliances appear and disappear as family
members confront each other and exchange roles. Eventually,
their efforts collapse in a flurry of remorse and self-doubt. In the
end, it is the children who create a solution and a future for

This is a play on family values... the neglected assumptions of
relationships... the ignored private lives of children. It has a
rhythmic, dance-like style. It is a ballad.


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