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Conrad Cummings / Michael Korie Opera Premieres April 2012

Positions1956CreatorsSM.jpgNew American opera fans and aficionados of the upscale Broadway musical gather around. After partaking in a workshop March 21, 2012, the Dresser advises you to make note of a newly commissioned work by composer Conrad Cummings and librettist Michael Korie called Positions 1956.

UrbanArias, a well-connected opera company producing chamber operas reaching out to a young audience, will premiere Positions 1956 April 13 in Rosslyn, Virginia, during their 2012 Spring Festival. Positions 1956 is this two-year old opera company's first commission. Positions1956CastSmall.jpgThe cast selected for this premiere includes top young talent Amedee Moore as the Bride, Jesse Blumberg as the Groom, and Vale Rideout as the Trainer and Dance Instructor. Noah Himmelstein directs and Robert Wood provides musical direction.

Award-winning Michael Korie, with nominations for Tony and Drama Desk Awards for the musical Grey Gardens, centers Positions 1956 around social instruction that emerged in the year 1956: the sex manual for newly weds, the muscle magazines for male body building, and the rise of the ballroom dancing business. Here's lyrics from "The Bride Must Remember."

The bride must remember

In each fiber of her core

She must help, and hew

To her duty and grave obligation

For he is a man,

The pulse throbbing in his veins

Is the pounding of his elemental reproductive instinct!

He is alive with desire!

His organ must respond

In positions of intercourse

In the holy marriage bond!

She is equipped for pleasure

But hers is not essential.

Without his, her ecstasy is inconsequential.

He is alive with desire!

From Part I "Marriage Manual"
Positions 1956

This YouTube excerpt from "Sitting Position" gives a taste of the neo-classical music that frames Part I "Marriage Manual."

This 80-minute opera will get you thinking about how things have changed between men and women or have they?


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