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2018 Split This Rock Report #1

Split This Rock Poetry Festival is back in Washington, DC with a line up of gotta-be-there panels and must-hear featured readers. The Festival happens every two years.

The Dresser must admit when she went to this year's AWP writers conference in Tampa, Florida that her eyes glazed over when she read the panel descriptions. She only found one she wanted to attend.

The Split This Rock panels this season make the Dresser groan with pleasure because it is hard to decide which ones to attend.

For example, this afternoon April 19 at the 1:30 session, she has to decide between "Arabic/English Poetry Game Workshop," "Seniors for Social Justice," or "WordPlay: Poetry a self-advocacy for Youth with Autism." This is not to mention the panel on the Warrior Writers and two book oriented sessions--one on the letters of Audre Lorde and the other Eco-Justice poetry.
The Dresser ran into Conference founder Sarah Brown at registration and she said her favorite part of the conference this time is who is reading. Tonight the program features: Camille Dungy, Sharon Olds, and Javier Zamora.

Be there or miss your opportunity to salve your soul.


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