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October 8, 2007

Stallone Promotes While Myanmar Burns

Unless you have been completely isolated and living in a cave somewhere in Bum*uck Arkansas, you're probably somewhat aware of the bad things happening in Myanmar (formerly Burma). You may have seen some frightening images of monks and pro-democracy demonstrators being beaten and killed (although the oppressive ruling military junta prefer you not see and are doing everything in their considerable power to prevent their despicable atrocities from reaching the outside world).

In the midst of these brutal crackdowns, Sly Stallone is taking time out to promote his forthcoming "Rambo" movie which was filmed in Thailand on the Myanmar border. The plot supposedly concerns itself with rescuing aid workers from Myanmar. How fortuitous for Stallone. But poor Sly says that he was scared and had reason to fear for his life during recent filming. It appears from the safety of his movie trailer in Thailand that the great Rambo himself was scared shitless. But the great humanitarian that he is, Stallone offered work to all those refugees that could make it over the border and onto the movie set. The clip I saw on one of those infotainment shows suggested that all of these refugees were being used as extras in a scene where they were being shot at. I realize it wasn't real but still it shows an appalling lack of sympathy for these poor souls on Stallone's part.

Perhaps the ruling generals will watch their pirated copies of "Rambo" in the comfort of their villas with their boot hills firmly planted across the throats of all those who represent change and freedom in Myanmar. All the while laughing hysterically. Do we really need more installments of the "Rambo" franchise? I'd prefer a little more outrage from the world community. It's a shame, isn't it?

October 10, 2007

The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada

I realize this film came out in 2005, but hey, I'm running a little behind, ok? I mean I found the dvd copy underneath a stack of old magazines along with a can of half consumed beer and a very old and moldy peanut butter sandwich. But I'm sure a lot of folks missed this gem of a film when it first came out. It's a film that touches on a number of issues - loyalty, friendship, illegal immigration, justice, and in the end, forgiveness and mercy. Texas and Mexico served as breathtaking scenery for wonderful performances by Tommy Lee Jones, Barry Pepper, January Jones, Dwight Yoakum, and Levon Helm. Helm who teamed up with Jones in "The Coal Miner's Daughter" nearly steals the show with his somewhat comical but ultimately heartwrenching turn as an old blind rancher. Jones who also directed this film based on a story by Guillermo Arriga (21 Grams), takes us on a journey (el viaje) that is at times jarring but definitely worthwhile. A modern day Dante's Inferno. If only all filmmaker's could do that.

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