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March 28, 2008

Political Musings - The Problem with Obama

Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama has been likened to FDR by Newsweek, and heralded as the second coming of JFK, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King all rolled into one by Time. Pleez! Obama was elected to the senate in 2004 in a cakewalk (his opponent was perennial presidential candidate Alan Keyes) and started running for the presidency in 2007. He has not had to face the historical and personal trials and tribulations that the previous mentioned presidents as well as MLK had to face. His main selling points are that he can transcend race, economic division, and policy differences better than anyone else. According to Obama, experience is a bad thing; inspiring speeches filled with gobbledegook and nonsensical statements comprised of hope are evidently a good thing. But dear friends bad judgement is always a bad thing. The recent controversy surrounding his pastor of 20 years gives one cause to worry at least about one of his selling points. When all of these tapes started surfacing concerning sermons by the very wrong Rev. Wright, Senator Obama was in an unbelievable state of disbelief. What? You mean there was gambling in the casino? Yes, and also hateful, divisive, often crude speech spewing from the mouth of the man who performed Obama's wedding ceremony and baptised his two daughters. Obama would later denounce some of the more controversial statements of Rev. Wright, but the damage was already done. A man running for president under the banner of racial peace, equality, and harmony has a spiritual mentor who preaches the direct opposite of peace, equality, and harmony. It's a little hard to reconcile. Obama's recent speech on race in Philadelphia was supposed to be a breakthrough for him. But it seemed to be a pained, tortured defense of Rev, Wright. He refused to throw Wright under the bus, but was all too eager to throw his deceased grandma under the bus for past statements she had made about race. Poor grandma, she's not around to defend herself. And who's to say more damaging tapes won't surface. The tapes in question were sold by the church itself! We may have only hit the tip of the iceberg. The problem with Obama is that...he sounds like another prominent politician who claimed he was a "uniter, not a divider".

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