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August 7, 2008

08-08-08 Just Tune Out

It is now time for the Beijing Olympics. Let us take a collective deep breath and then get on to something more meaningful. It's a shame that the world has drifted away from the original ideals of the Olympic games. The games have been professionalized, advertised, super sized beyond the bounds of propriety. What happened to friendly competition between nations consisting of "amateur" athletes? The stakes are so high for victory, that athletes feel the pressure to partake of banned performance enhancing drugs. What is so insane is that one can win the gold medal today and several years later be stripped of that same medal due to doping. So much for an emotional investment by the viewing audience. And while I sympathize with the US swimmer who was recently diagnosed with cancer, I don't think the games are of such importance that he should compete and delay his much needed treatment. Our priorities are all out of whack here. The stakes are also high for the Chinese government. It is their responsibility to put China in the best possible light - a new, semi-capitalisic, open, prosperous, tolerant China. And it will stop at nothing to present this "positive" side to the world even if it means jailing, beating, censoring any person or group who would counter the official line. Just look at all the ruckus and trouble the torch carrying touched off a few months ago across the globe. To a certain extent all Olympics are politicized. One can go all the way back to Hitler's Germany to witness the manipulation of the international games for political profit. And while over a billion Chinese people should not be ignored, neither should their government be rewarded with a global showcase by an inept, corrupt International olympic committee. President Bush admonished the Chinese for their many abuses but because he is held in such low regard around the world, they basically told him to shut up and mind his own business. I'm sure NBC feels the same way as it is estimated that ad revenue will top one billion. I guess I no longer care who can run the fastest, jump the highest, or throw the farthest - not under these conditions.

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