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September 29, 2008

Dali and I

Belgian Stan Lauryssens is a writer and con man extraordinaire. Well if you believe Stan - ex con man. But his memoir Dali and I is so good you don't really care if he's conning you or not. He is an excellent story teller. A motion picture based on Lauryssens book is in the works with Al Pacino starring as surrealist painter/showman Salvador Dali. You see back in the seventies, Lauryssens was an "art dealer" who dealed exclusively in Dalis. Whether they were real Dalis or not did not matter to Stan. With his unique powers of persuasion, he was able to separate many a rich fool from his or her money. Later, Lauryssens would become acquainted with many of the principal players involved in the massive Dali art frauds. To his own bewilderment, he discovered Dali himself perpetuated and condoned a good bit of the fraud. Even his trademark mustache was fake. Dali kept painters on staff to do the painting for him. Supposedly Dali's Last Supper was contracted out for $75. Dali and his wife Gala's lifestyles were so extravagant that they needed an assembly line of paintings to make ends meet. Lauryssens greed and fraud would later catch up with him as he served a short sentence in a Spanish prison. He also amazingly bought a cottage that was next door to the residence of who else but Salvador Dali. With his life of crime behind him, Lauryssens dedicated himself to a writing career, writing about what else but crime. He was bestowed the Hercule Poirot award for best crime fiction in 2002.

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