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January 8, 2010

Always Been There (Rosanne Cash, The List, and the Spirit of Southern Music)

In his book Always Been There, Michael Streissguth attempts a part bio, part exploration of Rosanne Cash's latest recording project, and part analysis of the current state of the recording industry itself. Streissguth is no stranger to the Cash family as he has written an excellent bio of Johnny Cash. The List stems from essential country songs Cash thought his daughter should know as she began her own performing career. Written down and long tucked away, Rosanne has finally come to terms with that canon of classic songs and ready to pass them on to the next generation. The problem is that the actual list is never found. Rosanne has had to rely on memory and her own intuition as to what songs should be recorded. Much agonizing and hand wringing over the list and what it should and shouldn't contain bog the book down at times. This worry also makes its way into the actual recording studio where Cash's husband John Leventhal produces. Undoubtedly the most talented of the Cash/Carter clan, Rosanne has none the less gone to great lengths to get out of the huge shadow of her iconic father. Her emotions and feelings, which Streissguth is all too willing to showcase also weigh the book down. So much so that Rosanne and the book are prime subjects for an Oprah episode. Nothing wrong with Oprah, but I would prefer a little less of her and a lot more about the spirit of southern music. Unfortunately, there are instances in the book in which Cash comes across as a diva. Maybe not the author's intent but the impression lingers. In the end, list or no list the finished project is marvelous. It is perhaps one of the best recordings of last year and one her father would proudly welcome. And if you have the rare chance to see her and Leventhal perform, you will witness magic onstage and observe the greatness of Rosanne Cash and forget the character flaws displayed in the book. With The List, Rosanne has finally come to terms with her father's legacy. Hopefully she can come to terms with her own.

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