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August 26, 2010

American Conspiracies (Jesse Ventura with Dick Russell)

Former professional wrestler and maverick Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has shocked us all again by engaging in a new career as a professional conspiracy theorist. His new book bears this out as well as his stint as host of his own show on trutv. At least he hasn't given in to the urge to partake in some dreadful reality show. In the book, Ventura does bring up a lot of interesting questions about political assassinations, CIA connections, the electoral process, Watergate as well as other uniquely American historical events. But Ventura like a lot of other conspiracy theorists tends to overreach with his conclusions. For instance, the major political assassinations this country has suffered originated from the CIA produced MK-Ultra program according to Ventura. This top secret program dealt with mind control and it may have succeeded all to well according to its critics. While Ventura offers some interesting observations, more evidence needs to be supplied to skeptics. Ventura also delves into the pre- MK-Ultra assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Calling this a conspiracy is not exactly news. Several books and articles over the last several decades including the recent Manhunt by James L. Swanson lays out the cast of characters who assisted John Wilkes Booth in his dirty deed. Ventura decries the fact that this conspiracy is not taught in schools and textbooks. But the problem probably lies in the complexity of those times and the ability of young minds to grasp it all. Ventura also examines 911 and the fall of the twin towers. Again, he makes some interesting points about the highjackers and alleged CIA contacts but goes off track when he alleges the towers were brought down by explosives instead of an aircraft. Ventura is not the first to suggest this, but here is the problem with that accusation. Where are the witnesses to this massive undertaking of bringing such a huge amount of tnt into the World Trade Center. As busy as that place was, no one saw anything remotely suspicious over the months and weeks leading up to 911? Tons of explosives would have to brought in and hidden. No one noticed? Ventura makes his strongest case for conspiraciy when it comes to the possible hijacking of elections in this country. He shows how voting machines can be tampered with remotely and that the companies who contract with counties to provide these machines and associated services are big contributors to Republican candidates. Scary indeed. His research on cult leader Jim Jones and the events surrounding Watergate may ultimately lead somewhere. More work needs to be done. Of course getting to the truth of the matter of a lot of these events is forever difficult due to the government's lack of transparency. Important documents are conveniently "lost" or "stolen" or simply held back due to "national security" concerns. And while we always need to keep an open mind, we also need to follow the preponderance of the evidence. So what we have here with this book is a mixed bag. A much needed look into some of these great controversies of American history but a controversy doesn't always equal a conspiracy, But if you want to write another book Jesse, I will definitely read it.

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