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January 7, 2012

Kenneth Sibbett

The writing of North Carolina native Kenneth Sibbett is made up of the three R's - raw, riveting, and revealing. He may be one of the best writers you've never heard of. But that's sure to change as he's developing a rabid, loyal following. Sibbett conjures up images of the late great grit lit author Larry Brown and the homespun wisdom found in the lyrics of a John Prine. But make no mistake about it, Sibbett defies easy characterization and insists on blazing his own trail with his provocative writing. The traditional rhyme poem 99 (see below) gives voice to the working poor trying to eke out a subsistence in spite of those protesting at the Occupy Wall Street movements. Sibbett gets the one percent versus the 99 percent. He also understands that in the end nothing much will change for those average Joes because the movement itself is not comprised of the very people ravaged by Wall Street abuses. He questions the motives of the movement itself and what it hopes to accomplish. The short story Slide Into Destiny reveals America's past time as a literal cut throat business. Separating Sara is a wicked look at a man's best laid plans gone wrong..


you better be careful, brothers
you're walkin' a very thin line
you messin' around with #1
and you just a 99
the PO-lice got to protect and serve
they just gotta' spray that mace
gotta' swing those big ole'
gotta smash that bloody face
you messin' round where you don't
you screwing with the Wall
if it falls down like the last one
man, God help us all
who's gonna take care of us po'
when the money machine goes
when the Limo drivers are out of
and the servants don't get paid
when they close down the
that serve rich and 'elite
all the illegals will be out of work
where's the rich folk gonna eat
all you youngin's out there marchin'
what the hell you marching for
all you Silver Spoon Babies
ain't never worked before
you watched as they killed the
and didn't do a thing
but now it's time to find a job
and things ain't like they seem
16 years of learning
been schoolin' your life away
now you want your slice of the pie
but can't find that big payday
I don't care why you're out there
you're here now and that's just fine
just remember to tell your kids one
about the days of 99

Kenneth Sibbett (posted courtesy of author)

For more of Sibbett's writing, please visit www.horriblerealityland.com/story-land

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