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February 17, 2012

Barnabas T. Bynum Music

traveling-salesmen-medicine-show0.jpg Just a shameless self promotion. Barnabas T. Bynum's music can be heard at Jango radio www.jango.com/music/Barnanas+T+Bynum
Listen to Vampires At The Campfire, Johnny Cash Is Dead, You Keep (The Rope From My Throat), Fran The Freaky Lady, Pretty Rita as well as other tunes.

February 24, 2012

Train Dreams (Denis Johnson)

Charles Grainier is a simple man living in an increasingly complex age. It's a time of rapid technological change. Poet and novelist Denis Johnson's setting for his main character is in the panhandle of Idaho beginning in 1917. Johnson has the ability to transport the reader back to that time through Grainier's eyes. Throughout the book, Grainier is often touched by death (his wife and young daughter victims of a devastating fire), but not consumed by it. It seems death is always near in this seemingly random narration of events in an uncomplicated man's life. The book doesn't always flow chronologically. It's filled with Native American mysticism, awe (or the lack thereof) at the emerging rage of the age - automobiles, planes, and later television. In the distance - the locomotive's lonesome whine as Grainier navigates the hardships before him. Johnson imbues him with a grace, dignity, and humanity rarely found in most novels. And just when you think you can't make sense of Granier's life or the book itself, Johnson puts everything in perspective in the compelling closing paragraph.

February 27, 2012

When Fat Tuesday Dissolves Into Ash Wednesday

The carnivores that descended upon the carnival have hidden from view
The parade route littered with confetti, trash, broken beads, meaningless crowns, and broken dreams seems almost reverential now amid the shame
The devil himself has ceased to roam and devour
Debauchery has turned into modesty
Buffet tables oozing the stench of leftover, rich, rancid delicacies
The sun itself is not immune cowering behind a threatening cloud
The festive have turned ashen
The golden calf unhinged from its moorings
The penitents arrive, the prodigal son returns home
When Fat Tuesday dissolves into Ash Wednesday

----Les Marcott----

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