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Tweezer Beezer

From Balazs Szabo, renowned artist and author of Knock In The Night comes the delightful, enchanting tale Tweezer Beezer. It's a story for children of all ages (even those adults who are kids at heart) set in the lush tropical Hawaiian Island of Oahu where Szabo lived for a time with his two young sons. The book is beautifully illustrated and photographed. It involves a precocious myna bird and the life lessons imparted by what became a beloved family pet. Testing the limits of freedom, independence, and loyalty: the love of a non-human entity bonds a father and his sons together as nothing else can. Cat lovers be not dismayed, Cica the family cat leaves a lasting impression on the readers as well. It's a book that should be in every school library. It's a great story at Christmas or anytime of year.0.jpg

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