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Child of God - Cormac McCarthy

th.jpg Meet Lester Ballard- degenerate, serial arsonist, miscreant,general low life and/or perhaps mentally ill. Ballard is perhaps one of McCarthy's least redeeming characters in all of the many novels he has written. Follow Ballard as he battles the forces of mankind and nature in the backwoods of Sevier County, Tennessee. But even with all of his faults, McCarthy describes him as "A child of God much like yourself perhaps". Originally published in 1973, James Franco turned it into a film last year. In the end, we seem to have no clearer picture of that fine line that separates evil from mental illness than society had when McCarthy wrote the novel. We are repulsed by the crimes of Lester Ballard, but McCarthy makes sure we are repulsed by our own "law abiding" actions even as the pages keep turning.

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