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612eB4NGnUL._AA160_.jpg Happy Valley is a not so happy look back at the Penn State football scandal involving the sordid activities of former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. The scandal tarnished a revered football program and its iconic coach Joe Paterno. Several points of view are offered up from various parties impacted by the scandal. Sandusky's adopted son, Paterno's son, a street mural artist, a disgruntled student,and a Penn State professor are some of the individuals interviewed for this project. Matt Sandusky's appearance is chilling considering he was sexually abused by his adopted father who of course was accused and eventually convicted of his crimes. But in the end, the documentary fails to inform the viewer of anything new. Did Paterno know anything of his long time assistant's activities before it was finally documented by Penn State officials? We don't get any good answers from the filmmakers. What inside Sandusky set him on a path of child molester? Again no good answers or much attempt to delve into Sandusky's psyche. And while Paterno's statue is torn down and his halo gone from his image on a street mural, the football program lives on. But has the university even amid heavy sanctions learned anything? I'm not so sure. It's like that old Willie Nelson song - Turn out the lights, the party's over. They say that all good things must end... But tomorrow we'll start the same ol' thing again

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