Rich Artist Poor Artist - Balazs Szabo

Poor Artist.jpgRich Artist Poor Artist is the third book by artist/author Balazs Szabo. Knock In The Night detailed a harrowing tale of life in and escape from communist Hungary in the 1950's. Tweezer Beezer is an enchanting children's tale of a very precocious and precious family pet Myna bird. His latest book is an instruction guide for the young struggling artist who early in his or her career may find it hard to navigate the many obstacles in the way to the path to success. Szabo shows the artist how to market themselves and how to avoid the trap of relying on art galleries with their exorbitant commissions and other associated costs (which often leave such artists penniless) as a sole source of selling their works. And while social media is unavoidable, it is no substitute for developing deep and meaningful relationships the old fashioned way in order to propel the artist into the world of the financially independent. Szabo details strategies gleaned from his own real world experiences as a commercial artist. And while the book is directed to those embarking on a career in the art field, it is a wonderful addition to those who wondered what happened to the young Balazs Szabo after he found his way to America. Part memoir, part instruction guide, part art history lesson - he packs a lot of information and wisdom in its 72 pages. The book has been released in conjunction with the opening of The Balazs Szabo Artist Discovery Museum of NC.


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