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"First Reformed"

Thank you to Miles Moore for his excellent, insightful review of "First Reformed". I have only one concern, and it is not over anything Mr. Moore wrote. It's more to do with what was not written and has not been written in any review of this movie I have read. One of Ingmar Bergman's bleakest movies, I've always thought, was "Winterlight" about a rural minister who is facing a crisis of faith, and who is visited by a parishioner and his wife. The parishioner is in despair over the fate of the world, particular the nuclear bomb. The minister is unable to help him in his despair, and the man is found soon after dead by suicide. No one has mentioned these similarities to "First Reformed". And I don't think Paul Schroeder himself has acknowledged them. I found that a little disturbing.

Bill Derge

read Miles David Moore's review: "Matters of Conscience"


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