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Hippy Hip-Hop

Elliot, your comics are art and media by themselves, call it "Scene5." Keep it up, bro.
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Old Hippy Does It Again!!

Elliot Feldman's running comicpage on living and working in Amerika should be on the op-ed pages of every newspaper in the country. Is he relevant to what's going on now? In the words of the reigning "Miss Amewica"--"you betcha!" Is 'old hippy' just a wonk or in lower eastside parlance, a schlemiel? Nope. He's come up with the best answer yet to Washington--"Stuff It!" Yeah.

Flick Me I'm A Fly

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Fluffy Farts

Elliot you're driving me crazy! You're using my life story and I'm loving it. How could I be that hilarious. I must be crazy!

Old Hippy (Sam)

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Here's to old hippies, old love and fresh tamales! Feldman's cartoons are sick, subtle and just funny, funny, funny. They give Scene4 just the right balance amidst the high-flying dance and opera and theatre. Carry on!

Mel Werner

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Old Hippy

Elliot: Inspired! Love it! The insanity that is the promotion of the truly hopeless. More!

Dennys McCoy

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One Big Happy Family

You dood it again Elliot. Nailed LA on the head. Are you the best? You is, you is.

Arnie Laban

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The Inheritance

Elliot--whoa! And whoo and argh! This goes in my will about 'things to come.' You're a sober devil, Elliot, I'd hate to see you stoned.

Sid B.

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My Old Man

The actual weirdness of the demented Alzheimer disease makes the truth so bizarre that it is a brainy play field of mind games. Nice clip!

Fran Wolok

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Feldman wherever you are your stuff is so funny and you're such a crazy SOB. But I want to tell you, stay away from my family. My Grannie and Grandpa were the best. Yours should have thrown out your Old Man ten minutes after his Bar Mitzvah.

Jack G.

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Button, Button

Who's got the button? Elliot--this is more than sad, it's laughter smack in the face of pain. never thought I could laugh so hard watching old age totally blast someone. Don't stop.


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Breakfast with Feldman

Hey Elliot, did your Old Man really eat "scrambled cow brains and eggs?" No wonder he went coo-coo. Like always, funny, funny cartoon.


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Right to the Heart

Great cartoon! It almost hurts to laugh at the pathetic situation in Detroit and the "Reznicks" everywhere.

Sid Siegal

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A Great Cartoon

Mr. Feldman not only captures the crisis in Detroit he strikes at the state of arts in the U.S. as well. The "Reznicks" have been purchasing art like this for decades. That's why Andy Warhol is so much more valuable dead than he was alive. He and all the rest of the "match my decor" artists are a perfect match for all the smartphone and touchpad users with empty minds and empty souls.

Maris Lynn Astor

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Talent Wasted

Here in Sri Lanka we look forward to Scene4 each month it comes. This month it comes with sadness. The place that Phillip Seymour Hoffman lived and the startle-drawing by Mr. Feldman. It is a problem isn't it, a terrible problem. Here it is a tragedy also. Thank you for showing it all.


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I would guess that Elliot Feldman's stinging cartoon (April 2014) comes out of a long acquaintance with LaLaLand. The faces are oh so familiar, the words oh so stupid, the attitude oh so much 'attitude'. Dismal but very funny.

Lou Laird

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A Writer's Life

I love this cartoon. It's the story of my life, funny, insane, depressing, reality. The artist (Elliot Feldman) makes us all brothers, and sisters, if you will.

Sasha Lauren

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Everyone will be Hitler

Great cartoon! Right on the nose and in the gut, Elliot. Hard to laugh at it but important to laugh at it. Thanks for the laugh sad as it is.


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So talented you are, Elliot!

Stacy Payne

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George Carlin

George's list got really expanded way beyond 7 dirty words. With political correctness it's probably in the 100s. And George didn't die, he faked a heart attack and ran away to a hill somewhere, maybe Montecito, California or New Jersey. No, as George would say, fuck that! As a hip cartoonist, Elliot rules!

Brother Bone

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Je Suis Elliot

The hilarity of Elliot (C.H.) Feldman's attempt to keep his place in America's melting pot is a brilliant piece of cartooning with a lot more subtle shades than on first look. It should be called: "Quick, Seal The Borders!!!"

M. Bevin

Elliot Feldman's Cartoon: "Hard To Be A Jew"

Je Suis Elliot

I have to agree that this is "brilliant cartooning" and much more subtle than it appears on its surface. Mr. Feldman points to a time of sickness: there is something wrong in the kingdom and the king doesn't know what to do about it.

Beth Lynn Heller

Elliot Feldman's Cartoon: "Hard To Be A Jew"

Art Basel In Miami Beach

Elliot Feldman's cartoons comprise some of the best commentary out there and this one tops them all. If you've ever been to the Miami Beaches of the world and seen these "art" exhibits then you know what he means by his hilarious riposte: "Comicon for rich assholes." We should all do what he did. Thanks for the aggravating laugh.

Milt Stinton

Elliot Feldman's Cartoon: "Art Basel In Miami Beach"

Sarah Palin's House

Dear Elliot,
Love your cartoon as always. But you got to show that the moose-lady's house isn't in Alaska any more, it's in Florida now right behind The Donald's palace.

Sid Siegal

Elliot Feldman's cartoon: "Sarah Palin's House"


Right on Elliot. Now who for Hillary, Little Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel?

Sid Siegal

Elliot Feldman's cartoon: Trumpelstitskin

Elliot Feldman Is Good

When I look at his drawing, I remember, so much.

Dan Philips

Elliot Feldman's cartoon: Hooray!!! I just moved back to California

Bad Hair Day

Definitely for the rest of the world! Another great cartoon, Elliot, as always. Keep it going!

M. Bevin

Elliot Feldman's Cartoon: Bad Hair Day

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