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San Francisco Ballet's "Blue Rose"

Just to wanted to let you know - Vilanoba didn't almost drop Feijoo, she actually had a mis-step and he caught her to keep her from completely falling and taking him down with her.
M. White
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Tiny Dancer at SF Ballet

She's a wonderful Giselle, different from Feijoo but as commanding. Yes she's tiny but on stage she's colossal. I hope SF Ballet can keep her for a long time. Your interview is fine, thank you.
Martin Vistiz
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Mary Zimmerman at Play

Thank you for your insightful article. Mary Zimmerman is a genius plain and simple.

Tadya Korin

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San Francisco Ballet

San Francisco Ballet is now one of the best, if not the best, dance company in the country and your review shows why. Great review, so well written and full of many insights. The photos are divine. Thanks for all that.

Pimi Bell

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Excellence in fluidity

Catherine Conway Honig captures in words what Ms. Farrell captures in the elegance of movement. This is an excellent piece and a joy to read Thank you.

Sylvia Goodman

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SF Ballet

Lovely review - as always - thanks Ms.Honig.

Carlos Lens

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Hope in Havana

Thank you Catherine Conway Honig for an inspiring view of hope that is alive and well in Cuba.

Marta Mediz Siverman

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Oh Onegin

To have two views of one of my favorite ballets is a treat. I know it's an "old chestnut" but Onegin is where ballet came from and where, in one sense, it still is. I wish I were in San Francisco but many thanks to both Catherine Honig and Renate Stendhal for taking me with them.

Judy Moritz

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I saw Onegin at the Stuttgart. I wonder what Cranko would have thought about Wayne McGregor?

Ralph Wilson

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Hope Mohr

Hope Mohr is a lovely and sometimes breathtaking dancer and so with Dusan Tynek's dancers but the Cunningham oeuvre has always left me flat, cold, uninvolved. I saw much of Merce in his early days and less when he danced less. He, as a dancer, was the inspiration. But the choreography? I never thought of it as choreography.

Judy Moritz

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Ashland Forever

I love the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It's everything a great theatre festival, a great arts festival should be. Thanks to Catherine for giving those of us who can't be there a rich review of its current experiences.

Judy Moritz

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This is a great photo spread with some fine writing in its review. You do Ashland proud!

Michael Aptrow

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La Marquise du Chatalet

Outstanding review of an outstanding woman. Thanks for encapsulating the facts and giving us a view.

Marti Bensinger

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Dance and Scene4

This is such a beautiful issue and the dance reviews are just striking. Catherine's evisceration of Neumeier is no doubt warranted - I've seen his work before and I hope to suffer through "Nijinsky". Renate once again takes me to the theater for Joffrey and others and brings the performances alive and exciting in her articulate and wry style. Thank you, Scene4, for criticism as it should be written and published.

Robert Coane

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Camille Claudel

This review is exquisitely, thoughtfully and beautifully written. It carries the sorrow woven through the life of this gifted, tragic woman. Catherine Honig's writing conveys the tragedy without ever falling into pathos. I was deeply moved and grateful for such a lovely piece.

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Once again

Jon Rendell pierces the heart with his images. While the one percent at the top celebrates the New Year with vintage champagne, the other one percent suffers in the shadows, forgotten by nearly all. 

Catherine Conway Honig

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On Pairings

Thanks to Ms Honig for an outstanding review of the Paris coming together of these great artists' work. There's an overall "pairing" to be gleaned from her review -- the sculptor, the photographer, the choreographer, the dancer. Actually many "pairings" and many insights.

M. Madeiros

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Rain Reigns

In her review of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's "Rain", Catherine Conway Honig manages to take the reader into the performance, its process and into its dance heart. Not a common result one gets from many dance reviews. Ms Honig beautifully captures the pain and joy of making dance and shows us why concert dance remains so alive and full of wonders.

Armin Remault

Catherine Conway Honig's review: "Rain in Paris"

Prostitution at the D'Orsay

Much Praise to Catherine Conway Honig for a beautiful profile of beautiful and still controversial art. I was struck by her commentary on Degas and the lecherous perspective of his painting. Seems not much has changed since he viewed from above and flew down to hide behind the curtains.

Beth Lynn Heller

Catherine Conway Honig's Article: "Splendeur et Misère"

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