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Girl Talk

Go Girl! Your columns make my day at least once a month,. And aren't you a little young to be a 'gramma'? You musta been a teenage bride.
Sandy S.
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It's All About The Hair

Oh how I sympathize (empathize?) with you. You get it and you get it so right especially when you deal with the nightmare on stage. Makes one want to go bald and just use wigs and hairpieces. It's all about staying strong and being yourself, right? That's how I get it.
Ms T.B.
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Walking with Claudine

I so enjoy following Claudine around in her ever-changing comic and sad personae as actor, cook and "nammie". Her joy of life is spiced with a healthy cynicism like the good cook she is. Time for a reality show? If not in America how about in the U.K.?

Susan Swift Terrell

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Kiss or Kill: your choice

While I respect the author's right to his opinion, I think the issues in the I/P conflict are far more complex that he has outlined. I also believe that this conflict is an easy target, so simplifying it is like painting with primary colors: a few swipes & you're done. As a member of a progressive community synagogue's Middle East Peace Committee, I've spent a bit more than a year with this small group as we bash out our calendar, filling it with films, speakers, compassionate listening sessions--anything to get the conversation started--and we're only starting! The goal is not 'Peace by Next Year at 2 O'Clock', it's 'How Do We Have the Conversation that Nobody Wants to Have?' A preliminary survey has also been sent to the congregants so we can get a baseline feel for how they're dealing with the summer's events. Hard work; sad work; revealing work. But not condemning ANYBODY. That's not how it goes.

Claudine Jones

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That Frikkin Thing

I always enjoy Claudine Jones' monthly columns in Scene4. This one takes the cake, literally, and she bakes it. Her views on the world around her and on her life hit me right in the mind and heart. Her style is an art form in itself and belongs in this arts magazine. My only regret is that I don't live next door to her. Thanks Ms Jones for sharing what you have to say.

Dianne Lange

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That Frikkin' Thing

Hillary and Carly HP could learn a lot from Claudine Jones. What the hell, maybe she should consider joining the fray and running for president. We could use a woman's woman.

Erica Stolzer

Claudine Jones' column: "Sometime"

Balled Feet

The adventures and memories of Claudine Jones are a continuing source of inspiration for me. She makes life in San Francisco seem glorious which it isn't any more, but she sure makes it seem so. Ms Jones writes with a joie de vivre and a frisky style and that's how I read her.

Erica Stolzer.

Claudine Jones' column: Balled Feet

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