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On the Waterfront

Jon Rendell's photos are sublime. The moods generated by light and shadow and his perspectives take you through the lens into the scenes. Don't know about the Shelley references. He uses them as his inspiration yet I don't think the titles are necessary. Just a small dissent in an overall praise of wonderment.

Dede Kristall

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San Francisco

Rendell is a wonder in how he captures my beautiful hometown, the most beautiful city in the U.S. I only wish that Scene4 was twice as large so the photos can be seen with every nuance. I guess I need a larger monitor. Thanks for showing this beautiful photography.

Peter Suzmann

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Your Perspectives Photography

Jon Rendell is a magician, a superb craftsman and a master of "perspective." And Ms Bennett, who shoots like that at 16. If I could have shot like that at 16 I wouldn't be the snapper that I am today. Thanks for these wonderful displays in your great magazine!

Arthur B. Morris

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Great Photographs & Articles

I love the photographs by Jon Rendell. The beautiful photos of Paris remind me so much of the time spent there and how much I love the city, the bars, the restaurants and just roaming around the city getting lost and discovering interesting places and people.

Thank you Scene 4 for consistently producing great works of art and very interesting articles.

Mikael Wagner

Thank you for the kind words and
a special note of appreciation from Jon Rendell.
--The Editors

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Postcards from Puerto Rico

Beautiful shots! I'm so glad you broke the mold and did these shots in color. Seeing the native walking wearing all black to the funeral and draping the flag over him is such a vivid statement. The colors captured in Calle Christo, Old San Juan was breath taking especially with pink and blue being my favorite colors. In a nutshell, the photos are fantastic and I enjoyed looking at them. Keep doing you!

Kelly Armstrong

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Postcards from Puerto Rico

Fabulous! So fortunate that you were moved to add color to your art.

Karen Gilbert

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Jon Rendell Photos

Mr. Rendell has an outstanding eye for what makes San Francisco's Mission District its own private Idaho. He displays the Mission in a gracious and respectful manner with just the right touch of play. Thanks for sharing them.

Roberta Silverstein

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Jon Rendell in a 25' circle

These are images that are more than mind candy, they're food for the eye, the mind and the soul. Give us 50' and 12-1/2' and we'll be complete. It's almost as if they're paintings not photos. Scene4 should dedicate an entire issue to Jon Rendell's view of the world, his world.

Pete Agastan

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Once again

Jon Rendell pierces the heart with his images. While the one percent at the top celebrates the New Year with vintage champagne, the other one percent suffers in the shadows, forgotten by nearly all. 

Catherine Conway Honig

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Postcards from NOLA

This is New Orleans as I remember it and as I know it now. Katrina, the politicians, and Bobby Jindal can't destroy it. Jon Rendell's photographs are wonderful. N'awlins should make him its official photographer.

Richard Venoitre

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Jon Rendell's Humor

With his usual remarkable photography (April 2014), Jon Rendell smiles and smirks at gender and genders and the silly and often astonishing rendition of human perception as it strives to understand why the universe doesn't revolve around us. Thanks for the mirror, Jon.

Mark Moore

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Lake Merced

I love Lake Merced. It is one of the most beautiful in-city lakes in the world. It offers a mood both serene and enigmatic in the ever-changing, disturbing changes of San Francisco. Jon Rendell's photographs capture this. They are beautiful. Thank you.

Samuel Goldberg

Jon Rendell's photographs of Lake Merced

Ai Weiwei

Jon Rendell does (should I say?) great justice to Ai Weiwei's magnificent art. His photographs are perfectly composed as usual. One great artist meets another.

Becky Mendahl

view Jon Rendell's photography: "@LARGE: Ai Weiwei on Alacatraz"

Foggy Frisco

Actually there's only one season in San Francisco but Rendell has managed to capture the often terrible plight of living through it. Thanks for the wonderful photographs.

Piri Ascherman

Jon Rendell's photo essay: "The Four Seasons of Foggy Frisco"

Rendell's Bunnies

Jon's pics are great as usual and the bunnies are just what SF needs to chase away the Google jackals.

Eric Rizoner

Jon Rendell's photos: Bunny Invasion

Humble Lily

Jon Rendell's photos of this humble flower are masterfully shot and produced. As displayed in Scene4, they are overpowering--not only their size but also the depth and layers of the images. And yet there is a quality of sadness in all of them. The display is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Peter Lin

Jon Rendell's photography: The Humble Lily


It follows that Rendell (Jon) would have a San Francisco garage as his latest muse. He may not be a painter but he has as good an eye as Monet.

Rimsta Marsjcoc

Jon Rendell's photography: Inspiration

Love Photos

I have only one word for Jon Rendell's photography: alluring. His composition is magnificent. They make you want to love these plants, not eat them.

Charla Tintari

Jon Rendell's photography: "Flourishing Flora"

New York, New York

I'm an inveterate, tenacious New Yorker -- born, bred and wouldn't live anywhere else. Your front cover video is stirring and isn't Sinatra's rendition of New York's anthem always stirring? Jon Rendell's brief photographic foray is stunning. Are there more? And Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold's essay is poetic in words and graphics, a wonderful piece from "the beginning of time" that is no more and yet lies just beneath the streets and tracks of this City among all cities! You can't feel or absorb New York by just visiting it. You have to live there, breathe the air, listen to the sounds, how your voice changes, how your heart beats to the pace of daily life, nightly life, life at 3:00am when there's a moon over Manhattan and a wind swirling down the paths in Brooklyn. To be a citizen of New York is to be a citizen of the world.

Bob Levine

Jon Rendell's photos: "Postcards from New York"

Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold's article: "City of Spies and Masts"

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