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A most complex film for many. But I think this article gets to the heart of this epic film. It gently uncovers the layers of spiritual meaning, symbolic reference and breaks it down to its purest elements.

stan poulos

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"Z" a film by Costa-Gravas

Excellent reviews. Ms. Steiner, in both her original 1970 review and the current anniversary review, captures the essence of the film's moral and ethical message. An insightful review with historical facts and information. Thank you for bringing this back to attention. Yes, history repeats itself and knowing this we must be ever vigilant of events throughout the world. I am drawn to see "Z" again, as soon as possible. The message should not be forgotten.

Yale Stenzler

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Thank you Scene4 and Griselda Steiner for reminding me of the power and beauty of cinema as well as the power and beauty of Costa-Gravas' filmmaking. "Z" was and is a shattering portrayal of government cruelty and injustice. It also was almost prophetic in what could have happened in the United States as recently as one year ago.

George Gee

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I felt enlightened, progressive, and modern. Thank you for a very good interview.

Janine Yasovant

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It's amazing how "gone" that American experience is and how forgotten Kerouac is. It's as if the Beats never existed. I miss 'em.

Bruce Turin

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What I miss most about Jack Kerouac and the Beats is that he and they wrote at a time before the Kindle and the Internet and Amazon Books and 'Facegook'. You had to be a writer to write, not just a word processor.


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The Old Diva of Hypatia

Thanks to Scene4 for running Griselda Steiner's continuous series of dialogues from her musical "Hypatia". It's an unusual way to display her work but she is such a good writer that it is both entertaining and satisfying.

Margaret Bolce

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World Trade Center

Thank you to Griselda Steiner for her tribute to 9-11. It is a "day of Infamy" that must never be forgotten.

M. Schnee

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Never To Be Forgotten

This is a welcome memory and a very emotional one and like "The Music of Terezin" it should never be forgotten, it should be repeated over and over again. It is such beauty in the middle of such cruelty that gives us hope and keeps us from going mad. Thank you Ms Steiner for a beautifully written tribute.

M. Schnee

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Talent Wasted

Here in Sri Lanka we look forward to Scene4 each month it comes. This month it comes with sadness. The place that Phillip Seymour Hoffman lived and the startle-drawing by Mr. Feldman. It is a problem isn't it, a terrible problem. Here it is a tragedy also. Thank you for showing it all.


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Good Night, Sweet Prince

Thanks to Griselda Steiner and Scene4 for the moving and intimate view of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He was truly a Prince and many of the eulogies and tributes didn't quite bring him back to us. Yours did. Very special. Thank you.

Andria Jacobs

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Racing Extinction

Glad to learn about this film. Thanks for your thoughtful review.
Zoe Waldron

Is there anything more important than this view and its project. So happy to read about it.
Jeff Timden

Thanks for the exposure you give this project. Let's hope we learn something from it.
Anna Segal

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Griselda Steiner

Ms Steiner's article "Projecting Change on the Empire State Building" is excellent. Very informative and makes me want to get up and out there to help many of these beloved animals. Thank you, Griselda for sharing such important information in such an understanding, sympathetic way.

Judy Lawne

Griselda Steiner's article: "Projecting Change On New York's Iconic Empire State Building"

Griselda Steiner

Yes, I agree completely. The Empire State projection was wonderful and Griselda puts it out there in a meaningful and helpful way.

Tom Tryor

There should be a way to do this on many buildings. That ought to wake up sleeping consciences, Thank you Griselda.

Erica Stolzer

Griselda Steiner's article: "Projecting Change On New York's Iconic Empire State Building"


I love this line....Women walk with the sound of their children's lives....

Lois Michal Unger

Griselda Steiner's poem: "Vermont"

The Charioteer

A beautiful poem which has heart and lasting messages.  Ms. Steiner creates poetry which is professional, worthy of your publishing and look forward to more.

Itsi Atkins

Griselda Steiner's poem: The Charioteer

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