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"You Have Rainbows in Your Heart"

Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. Patrick Zammaripa. Michael Krol. Brent Thompson. Michael Smith. Lorne Ahrens. Men who were deeply loved, and who strove to lead honorable lives. They should not be dead, but they are.

Many people have written, often brilliantly, about the events of the past week. I recommend their writings to you. But they all agree that no solutions are in sight to death on the streets. The Sunday Washington Post contains a review of the new book about the Kent State Massacre in 1970. How can that not seem like the harbinger of a return to those evil days?

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter will continue, because it must. Blue Lives Matter will continue, because it must. The National Rifle Association will continue to express deep anguish about those who die while perpetuating the culture that facilitates their dying.

If I have any solution to offer, it is contained in the letter written to Philahdo Castile after his death by a heartbroken child who attends the school where Castile worked. "You have rainbows in your heart," the child wrote. That's all I want--more rainbows in more hearts, and that someone would have the wisdom to put them there.

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