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November 14, 2006

Carmina Burana

Ballet Met of Columbus, Ohio took on the songs and the music with exuberance. Fresh choreography, solid dancing, especially in the opening Fortune, Empress of the World, but the choreography lost variety, losing its initial freshness.

Ned Bobkoff

Henry V

If you missed Liev Schreiber in Henry V in New York, you missed one of the great stage performances of the year. And if you don’t see New York theatre, you’ve missed theatre, period.

Paul Perl

Kill Bill!

Phhbbbbt! Tarantino masturbates again and makes us all sticky.

Jolisha Carbin

Heartbreak House

Even with a first-rate cast including the wonderful Philip Bosco, Swoosie Kurtz, and Lily Rabe, the Roundabout Theatre Company proves once again why George Bernard Shaw always thought that the U.S. was still a colonial backwater. This production is so dull that GBS probably doesn’t even bother turning in his–wherever he is.

Tory Benvin

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

This 1983 film has emerged, not as a cult classic, but an example of the brilliance of Japanese cinema, Directed by Nagisa Oshima with a wonderful performance by Tom Conti, beautiful scoring by composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (who also "stars" as an actor in the film) and a strange, compelling performance by the strange, compelling David Bowie.

Arthur Meiselman

All The King’s Men Wow!

What a flood of negative reviews. Could this remake of the 1949 multiple Academy Award winner really be that bad? Sean Penn’s Willie Stark is a true populist, not the proto-fascist demogogue of the original film and the 1946 novel. Weaknesses? Sure. The worst: music often overbearing and accents wandering all over the place—a combination that sometimes drowns the dialogue. Still, an engrossing, tough-minded and honest movie, a version of All the King’s Men that deserves to be seen.

Rich Yurman

Touch of Evil

Phenomenal opening sequence. Bizarre, twisted story is somewhat confusing. Heston didn't fit. Welles was terrifyingly brilliant. Restored uncut version seems like unfinished work. Worth seeing.

Lia Beachy

The God of Hell

S.F.'s Magic Theatre brings Sam Shepard's latest to life. I'm no great fan of SS's works but this riff on Bushite interference in the lives of ordinary folks is done with such verve and nastiness that it really grabbed me. Terrific acting--plus Michael Santo not only has Bush's voice down, he sports (his own) look-alike unmistakable pointy arrogant nose. This one's a keeper.

Rich Yurman

November 23, 2006

The Queen

She (Helen Mirren) is just magnificent. I didn't think she could ever surpass her performance in "Elizabeth. She didn't, she just matched it.

Rebecca Cohen

November 28, 2006

Comic Relief 2006

What a pisspoor excuse for entertainment and do-good money raising. The comedy, all of it, just plain sucked. Robin Williams looked strung out on uppers, Whoopie has gotten fat and old, Billy Crystal is even fatter, older, and blah. Money for Katrina is a good thing but not this Hollywood liberal "hey, give, because it's us".

Owen Robineau

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