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January 7, 2007


Spielberg is a grand technician—he builds technically well-made movies. But he is a terrible director of actors. A good cast drifts and struggles. And in this film, as usual, he has nothing to say other than: "I'm Steven Spielberg, I'm Jewish, and I'm fair." This over-long, over-indulged, underwhelming attempt to explore the continuing aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre suffers from much money spent, production finished, let's call it a film. The Eric Roth/Tony Kushner script is so badly written it wouldn't have made it through a first-time pitch if it weren't for their pal, Steven. As with "AI", Hollywood mover-shaker Spielberg has the position to grab important properties without the personal artistry to do them justice. He simply does not have a filmmaker's vision.

Arthur Meiselman

The Good Shepherd

DeNiro should stick to acting where he's been able to convince people that he's a master—which he isn't. Here he can't hide and this slow, uninvolving film asks the deadly question: "Why should we care?" It's not even entertaining. Then again, it could have been directed by Michael Cimino... or was it?

Arthur Meiselman

January 21, 2007

Neanderthals Invent Show Business In “UG”!

At the Attic Theatre and Film Center in L.A., opening night of UG was tremendous, vibrant, and funny. The singing and choreography were thoroughly top notch, with no punches pulled even though the theatre is relatively small. UG is a visual thrill; the ensemble is very strong. The music and dance numbers are crisply done. I had loads of fun watching this show, and find myself humming the lead over and over again.
Robert Axelrod

January 28, 2007


Golden Globes; Oscars? Someone please explain why this two hour exercise in Kate Blanchette bleeding and screaming while Brad Pitt shouts into a telephone and various third world people act like fools and maniacs has gotten to be this year's hottest pick for so many awards. Throw in a Japanese sub-plot (perhaps the most compelling part of the film, but so loosely connected to the rest it seems an afterthought) and what I saw was an unimpressive mess. Tell me what I missed.
Rich Yurman

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