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February 9, 2007

'Love, Lies' and resourcefulness

A fledgling company trying to help get momentum going at the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre in Los Angeles is on the boards again with a new name and a new presentation. The Nosotros American Latino Theatre, which presented a double bill of one-acts in the fall, is back as the Ricardo Montalbán Repertory Theatre Company, with another double bill of one acts — this one improving promisingly upon the fall's.
The first, more intriguing play echoes Jesus' final days. The central character in Arthur Meiselman's "The Wafer" is a revolutionary (Antonio Vega) who plans to sacrifice himself, believing that his execution will prompt the .people of his un-named country to rise up against their oppressors.
Also set, during a time of repression, Katrina Elias' "Red Columbian Sky" envisions a fading prostitute (Estrella Tamez) — is she an angel of death? — who comforts such men as the young reslstance flghter (Michael Kours) who's just been savagely beaten.
Company leaders David Llauger-Meiselman and Felipe Alejandro directed the respective plays, which were presented under the banner title "Love, Lies and Revolution."
As in the fall, the audience is placed on the long-underused Montalbán Theatre's stage which has been sealed off from the much larger auditorium to create a 160 seat performing space. Production values are limited, but this company makes an art of resourcefulness.
At once stylish and pulse-pumping, Llauger-Meiselman's staging of his father's "The Wafer" incorporates big-screen video reports (by brother Erik Llauger-Meiselman) on the sharply dressed thugs who are in power. Some scene-tweaking obscures the story line, but Vega's performance — virile and commanding, yet humanized by doubt — galvanizes the piece.
The magic realism of "Sky," unfortunately, is only fitfully effective, which leaves it less successful at conveying the presentation's overarching thoughts about the sometimes high cost of trying to change the world.
Daryl H. Miller/Los Angeles Times

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