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November 5, 2007

Virgin Love in LA

Weak script and only a few good tunes, but on the whole the performances were solid especially Lawrence Smilgys and Nicole Ortega and lots of kudos to the director, Felipe Alejandro, who really knows how to handle "commedia." Set and costumes were fine too. Nice outing for this young company as it moves to the main stage in the Montalban. Keep it coming.
Larry Marcus

Hamlet vs Hamlet

There are two masterful film versions of this great play: one by Olivier and one by Branagh. The major difference between the two is this—Branagh does the play justice, almost an unedited version of the play, with magnificent cinematography, production design, and brilliant editing and of course, superb acting. 48 years earlier, there's Olivier. Given even a different sensibility at a different time, his production doesn't compare. But neither does Branagh's performance. Now put Olivier in Branagh's film and you would have one of the greatest films ever made.
Mel Silverman

Review of Virgin Love from 11/2

I just had to give my review. This was the all time worst play I have ever seen. It was poorly written, the songs and dialogue were crude (a song about an itchy crotch/catching an std?), and the actors all seemed to shout their lines. I'm glad my date and I didn't speed through traffic just to get there in time. We arrived at 8:30 and saw maybe 20-25 other people in attendance. There was no need to pay extra for the center tickets. The theater itself and stage props were just about the only positive things going for it. I'm all up for raunchy/bawdy humor, but this was far from it. It was a mighty bore. I would have rather stayed home and watched repeats on TV.

Virgin Love Vexed

Hey, you must be an "Angeleno" and I'm not. And that means that you live in a town with tons of live theater and other than the road shows, very few worth seeing. If you knew better, you would have known that you were watching a "commedia" form that was pretty well carried off by the Montalban company. As I said before, the script was weak but the actors were fine and entertaining and the production was solid. Your major concern was the traffic and the ticket price and if you had gotten there righteously on time (which I understand isn't considered "cool" in this town) you would have gotten the whole show and not missed the prologue and maybe understood what you were seeing. But, hey, you're an Angeleno, what do you know?
Larry Marcus

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