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June 3, 2008

Call for Film and Video Submissions

This is a call to invite submissions of indigenous films and videos for the Native Spirit Festival 2008 The closing date closing dateis 31 August 2008. All entries must be accompanied by a submissions form and be sent to:
Native Spirit Festival 2008 Submissions PO Box 60545 London W2 7NF ENGLAND
Please see submission guidelines and obtain a copy of submissions form here: www.nativespiritfestival.com/english/submissions.htm
All films produced by indigenous filmmakers and productions which feature aspects of indigenous life, history, culture, traditions, art etc, are eligible for submission. Information is also available in Spanish at: www.nativespiritfestival.com/spanish/submissions-sp.htm

June 28, 2008

METRO's Far Flung Perceptions

Pointillism Jazz Consort will assemble from different parts of the world just days prior to their opening performance in "METRO: in the state of mind "at the Capital Fringe in Washington DC on July 10, 2008. But can a group that is spread from Texas to Ohio to New York to London to D.C. effectively prepare for such an unusual theatre project? (and, moreover, a project which requires a seamless blending of individual perceptions in a strong ensemble piece?) Impossible, you say! Nope - even the choreography can be learned in different cities at the same time. The minimalist music score is created in Akron by composer, Ron Hazelett and rehearsed in D.C. The costume design is conceptualized by Andy Jordan in New York by watching performers in rehearsal from disparate parts of the globe. But, HOW can this be?!! Modern technology is bringing these artists together through scheduled internet conferences and webcam rehearsals in their different time zones. In this way these professionals (dancers, actors, This ensemble embodies the very essence of the company's name: Pointillism. The painting technique of combining dots of pure color which then become blended in the viewer's eye perfectly reflects the way this dance company functions. "Individual expression is very evident in each of us. And when we blend those expressions together in a single vision - POW! It's pretty intense stuff," comments Chace Coulter, an active collaborator in Pointillism Jazz Consort for the past two seasons. Experimental theatre usually refers to the performance, rather than the rehearsal process. But, in METRO even the rehearsal process has an element of experimental boundary stretching. Interestingly, this living art piece looks at modern technology and how it affects us daily. As Pointillism explores the perceptions of the information age, it is clear that without electronic technology this project would not be possible. The concept for "Metro: in the state of mind" was hatched eight years ago by co-creators, Ron Hazelett and Suzanne Winland, and finally comes together with this most diversely gifted cast. The show runs from July 10 - 13 and July 19-20 in the Baldacchino @ Fort Fringe at 607 NY Ave NW, Washington DC. You may stretch your perception even further by visiting the project website at http://metrostateofmind.org Tickets can be bought either through a link on that site or by calling the Capital Fringe Festival office at 202.737.7230

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