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July 13, 2008

Nature Interrupted

The Chelsea Art Museum, Home of the Miotte Foundation, is proud to present Nature Interrupted. The urgent and imperative message to restore health to the environment must be conveyed in every possible form of media and communication, and more so in art, for it is one of the most powerful languages humans have ever created. Even in prehistoric times, peoples sought to transform the environment, through their cave paintings, megaliths and stone circles--seeking ways to connect with the force of nature. From those early beginnings, artists have been profoundly influenced by the images, colors, patterns, structures and systems of nature around them. At various times of turbulent change in our history, such as in Hellenistic Greece, medieval Japan, and Europe at the time of the great political and industrial revolutions, new art forms have emerged in order to address the changing relationship between nature and society. From the turn of the new millennium, world concern over environmental issues such as pollution and global warming, species depletion, new genetic technologies, sustainability and global pandemics has increased. Artists, in turn, are responding by answering collective cultural needs and developing active and practical roles in environmental and social issues. In this exhibition, Nature Interrupted, eleven artists show very diverse aspects of their concern. They may focus on a rare species in danger of extinction, such as the eagle in Osmo Rauhala's captivating video images, or the preservation of trees threatened by decease, as in Joan Backes's paintings of tree bark, which could, in the future, become a points of reference to a species no longer in existence. Another metaphor is Katie Holten's artificial tree made of refuse such as recycled cardboard, wire, newspaper, and black tape. The emblem of a tree in distress is a perfect symbol for the environmental crisis we are experiencing. Anya Gallaccio's installation Like We Never Met (2003) includes a series of doors with flowers pressed behind glass. Over the course of the exhibition, the flowers blacken and decay, highlighting the opposition between the instability of the natural materials and the permanence of the cast objects. Dannielle Tegeder's drawings depict a certain geometric growth as in the constructions of ants' colonies or mole hills - it is up to the viewer's imagination to decide whether Tegeder's "city" is above or under the ground. Soazic Guezennec transfers the African jungle to a suburban surrounding, embellishing it with colorful billboard images resembling a tree house, giraffe or field of orchids. Soazic Guezennec's installation shows a tent, an umbrella and a mosquito net painted with Africa's tropical flora and fauna, yet covered with holes and rips and no longer useful and protective. These objects are a metaphor for environmental problems such as dirty water, acid rains and pollution that destroy Africa's natural environment. Alexis Rockman in his series of paintings "American Icons" shows an apocalyptic vision of American national monuments such as the U.S. Capitol and Mount Rushmore. Even such bastions of frivolity and greed as Hollywood suffer the same leveling fate when it comes to the status-blind and whimsical response of our planet. Equally the drawings in Helen Brough's series "Cataclysmic Hypotheses" generate imaginary visions of iconic contemporary architecture that will eventually become ruins. These drawings serve as a translation of vague unconscious dreams of catastrophes mixed with the haunting recollections of disasters seen in film, television, newspapers or on the web. The installation by Jade Townsend prompts us to reconsider our current vision of an "ideal" and "successful" life - in the wake of increasingly common violent natural disasters that can instantly obliterate all we have striven to achieve in a lifetime. Jon Brumit focuses on corn as an evolving instrument for litigation and intellectual property issues. By way of critique of the current corporate influence over food production, his sound installation using recycled plastic bags and counterfeit corn resembles sonic architecture and violent instruments more than anything remotely edible. Chus Garcia-Fraile in her photographs and videos inserts escalators and other examples of modern technology into pristine jungles and landscapes - a vision that is disturbing and enchanting at the same time. Is that the future of nature - will it be saved or destroyed by modern technology? Artists in the show: Joan Backes (USA), Jon Brumit (USA), Helen Brough (England), Anya Gallaccio (England), Chus Garcia-Fraile (Spain), Katie Holten (Ireland), Soazic Guezennec (France), Osmo Rauhala (Finland), Alexis Rockman (USA), Dannielle Tegeder (USA), Jade Townsend (USA). Image: Anya Gallaccio, Like We've Never Met, 2003. Found mahoghany glazed doors two parts each. 231.5 x 68.5 cm. Courtesy Lehman Maupin Gallery.
The Chelsea Art Museum 556 West 22nd Street (at Eleventh Avenue) New York, NY 10011 Tue-Sat 11am-6pm, Thurs 11am-8pm www.chelseaartmuseum.org
Nicollette Ramirez
212.255.0719 x108

July 20, 2008

LA Playwright Sinner Living with MS Captures FringeNYC

Theatre Revelation Presents 2 by Sinner: Unburthen (To My Soul's Delight!) & If Water Were Present It Would Be Called Drowning premieres at FringeNYC 2008!!! New York, NY,July 14, 2008 -- Theatre Revelation is proud to present "2 by Sinner: Unburthen (To My Soul's Delight!) & If Water Were Present It Would Be Called Drowning" as part of the 11th annual New York International Fringe Festival - Fringe NYC. This is Theatre Revelation's first time performing in New York and the world premiere of both works being performed together, will be playing at The Connelly Theatre 220 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10009 on Friday, August, 08, 2008 at 5:00- 6:00 PM, Tuesday, August, 12, 2008 at 7:00 - 8:00PM, Saturday, August, 16, 2008 at 10:0011:00PM, Tuesday, August, 19, 2008 at 3:00 - 4:00PM and Saturday, August, 23 at 5:00- 6:00PM.Tickets are $15 and can purchased at www.FringeNYC.org .
Sinner describes he works as "A two-actor diptych that is a modern take on Adam and Eve, trapped in various forms of a deteriorating Garden of Eden. First presented as Brother and Sister (after all, Eve was "created" from Adam's rib; doesn't that make them related?) in stylized white face, part gothic kabuki, part slapstick vaudeville, living in their own isolated apocalyptic playground, the siblings play, bicker, sing and dance as frantically as they can to ward off their own psychological endgame. The second piece explores the couple as Husband and Wife, with the wife's subconscious attempts to liberate herself from the classic "Doll's House" Syndrome. She short circuits before us while delivering a monologue, sharing her fantastical sexual yearnings and interior life while disconcerting voice-overs and music cues bombard her as her husband snores."
The show is written and directed by Los Angeles native John Sinner, who is the Producing Artistic Director of Theatre Revelation.
ReviewPlays.com wrote in April 2006 - "John Sinner has been one of the prominent exponents of surrealistic theatre in Los Angeles... Sinner is the kind of playwright that goes for the throat-"
John is a gay artist living with multiple sclerosis, who has had work performed at REDCAT at Disney Hall, amongst others. Both works star Los Angeles Bay area native Betsy Moore and John Sinner, in the modern Eve and Adam roles. Matt Richter, the former Tech Director at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica is the Lighting and Sound Designer.
Theatre Revelation is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) theatrical production company whose artistic mission is to create, nurture and produce new theatrical works that focus on the original, inventive and experimental, in order to reveal and illuminate our human existence within the community and world at large. For Ticket info: 212.279.4488 For more info please visit: www.fringenyc.org, www.TheatreRevelation.com, www.myspace.com/johnsinnerny For Media Interviews for John Sinner Contact : Sheryl Mandel Integrity Publicity New York, NY 718-352-5976 - ssshekkie@aol.com , www.myspace.com/integritypr.

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