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April 4, 2012

SHEZAD DAWOOD | Piercing Brightness: at Modern Art Oxford


Galerie Gabriel Rolt is pleased to announce that Shezad Dawood with be presenting a major solo exhibition at Modern Art Oxford 5 April--10 June 2012. Referencing his frequent use of, and meditations on, light, time and montage (both as a cinematic and a painterly device) the exhibition at Modern Art Oxford will feature Dawood's most recent film and installation work, including the first UK presentation of New Dream Machine Project (2011), and a gallery installation of Trailer(2011). With this exhibition Dawood calls into question our attempts to reconcile the passing of time and the creation of identity in our own lives.
Trailer is an alternative edit from the artist's feature length film, Piercing Brightness, as a 15-minute, experimental "trailer." Presented in a purpose-built viewing space, Trailer plays on the spliced histories of structuralist film and mainstream science-fiction as a prism through which Dawood furthers his long standing interest in ideas relating to race and migration.
New Dream Machine Project comprises a large-scale kinetic light sculpture and Super 16 mm film. Referencing Brion Gysin's original Dream Machine - a work conceived to have an effect on the viewer similar to deep meditation or dream sleep - New Dream Machine Projectacknowledges Gysin's influences, especially Sufism and Moroccan culture in 1960s Tangiers, and reimagines these historical narratives for a contemporary audience. Often acting as research tools and storyboards for his film works, as well as a parallel investigation into form, context and meaning, a selection of the artist's textile-based paintings and neon sculpture will also be presented at Modern Art Oxford.

The Piercing Brightness exhibition also sees the publication of the first major monograph of Shezad Dawood's work, published by Modern Art Oxford/Koenig Books, London, and including texts by Mark Bartlett, Jean Fisher and Michael Stanley, Director, Modern Art Oxford.

For further information about the exhibition:

April 10, 2012

Square Moon - Marijn Akkermans


Image: Marijn Akkermans, The Pose, ink and pencil on paper, 154 x 107,5 cm, 2012

Galerie Gabriel Rolt is proud to present 'Square Moon', the Dutch artist Marijn Akkermans' third solo exhibition with the gallery. Mysteries and metaphors bound in Akkermans' works, played out through the materiality of his drawings. Their subjects feel familiar yet alienated, reminiscent of film noirs and fairytales, like collective narratives that have assumed lives of their own. Though their impact is black and white, Akkermans' drawings are complex configurations of translucencies and opacities which impart subtle differentiations of colour. He builds up his images with an unorthodox mix of techniques, using ink, coloured pencils, gesso, poster paint and collage. These multiple modes of expression unsettle the pictorial illusion, creating different orders of realism. They describe figures that are shadowy and ethereal, a part of shifting currents of darkness and light through which their minds appear to wander.

Peopling Akkermans' pictures are archetypal characters that have twisted free from convention. Nurses, teddybears and businessmen have cavorted in previous works, while strange shifts in scale suggest a child's vulnerable and unknowing perspective. Here though the figures are less recognizable and their roles more ambivalent. Dawn depicts a resting woman supporting two smaller figures asleep on her lap. Behind her pile sleeping bodies whose coiling shapes echo the lines of the foreground figures so that the whole composition becomes a satisfying rhythm of serpentine curves. What appears at face value to be a peaceful image of maternal protection has sinister undertones of collective suicide.

Abstraction repeatedly teases these figurative works, sabotaging their realism and embroiling their narratives in meta-fictions. Akkermans seems to be implying the existence of different layers of reality through his build up of unlike pigments. However, the metaphors remain enigmatic -- both in individual works and cumulatively across the exhibition. Accompanying the larger images are numerous small drawings, their liquid marks evoking both biological forms and modernist abstractions and presenting the viewer with a forest of signs. In these, the artist directly explores the effects of drawing, collapsing the barrier between material and idea. Akkermans has described their influence on his large drawings being like the seepage of water; and it is as though the ink itself were suffused with meaning.


Image: Marijn Akkermans, untitled, ink on paper, 24 x 32 cm, 2011

Marijn Akkermans was born in 1975. He studied at the Dutch Art Institute and the Hogeschool voor der Kunsten Arnhem. His solo exhibitions include 'The Fraud of Mister HQ', Drawing Centre Diepenheim (2010); 'The Future is Old' (2009) and 'Lets Wander Over Yonder' (2007), both at Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam. He has participated in the group exhibitions 'All About Drawing -- 100 Dutch Artists' at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (2011); 'Op Papier' GEM, The Hague (2010); 'Op Papier Gezet', Centraal Museum, Utrecht (2010); and 'Fixterne - 100 Jahre Kunst auf Papier von Adolph Menzel bis Kiki Smith', Landesmuseum Schloss Gottorf, (2009). He is the recipient of the van Bommel van Dam Award (2010) and his works can be seen in many museum and private collections. Akkermans lives and works in Amsterdam.

Elandsgracht 34
1016 TW Amsterdam

T: +31 (0) 20 78 55 146
M: +31 (0) 6 41385833


April 28, 2012

Gabriel Rolt / Paradise Row - Fracture

Gabriel Rolt / Paradise Row
28 April - 18 May 2012

Alberto Garcia Alix
Diann Bauer
Jake & Dinos Chapman
Dawn Mellor
Eva Räder
Conrad Shawcross
Davina Semo
Ralf Schmerberg

Mindpirates Projektraum
Schlesische Strasse 38
House F/3, Backyard
10997 Berlin
Opening Times: Wednesday - Sunday, 1pm - 8pm and by appointment


Image: DAWN MELLOR, Papin Sisters, 2012, Oil on canvas, each 120 x 90 cm

Gabriel Rolt / Paradise Row present Fracture, a pop-up exhibition at Mindpirates, coinciding with the gallery weekend in Berlin.

Spanning a diverse range of media, styles and tactics, the exhibition explores ideas and motifs that circulate around the themes of fracture and disruption; from the contested surfaces of Davina Semo's reification of the contemporary urban aesthetic, to Dawn Mellor's disruption of the stereotypes circulated by the global media and Jake & Dinos Chapman's employment of formal tactics to undercut naïve, received ideas about the hermetic character of human agency.

Alberto Garcia Alix (León, b. 1956) is one of the most important figures in contemporary European photography. Garcia-Alix has documented life in Spain from the Franco era, to La Movida Madrilena that followed it, to the present day. He has consistently focused on those who live life on the margins.

Diann Bauer's (New York b. 1972) large-scale paintings and drawings perform like installations, formally echoing the overpowering nature of the political rhetoric that forms the raw material for her content. Bauer's subtle use of the crude, overheated language of the US right-wing comprises an particular investigation into the intersection between language and power.

Jake & Dinos Chapman's (Jake b. 1966, Dinos b. 1962) pursue a rigorous, philosophical program of pessimism articulated through the strategic and tactical use of the medium of contemporary art.

In her images Dawn Mellor (born 1970 in Manchester, lives and works in London) deconstructs the interactive structure of the cult of celebrity - which appears in our culture to have been elected as a substitute for religion - by means of black humour fabricating a relationship between star and his/her believer, the fan. In so doing the artist herself frequently takes the role of an obsessed follower. Through a frequently self-chosen "painterly" role Mellor destroys the moral codes communicated through mass entertainment vouching for a deliberated immorality. Whereby in the face of the obsessive image worlds the question is also continually asked about the actual standardised taste of the observer and its verification. Mellor's painting style is simultaneously fed by surrealism, the colourfulness of Pop Art and the intentional bad taste of a Joe Coleman.

Eva Räeder (Ochsenhausen, b. 1978) approaches painting from two points of view: as a search for the distilled essence of visual perception, and as a narrative structure to order impressions of the realms of space, time and intuition.

Imbued with an appearance of scientific rationality, Conrad Shawcross's (London, b. 1977) sculptures explore the territory where geometry and philosophy, physics and metaphysics meet.

Davina Semo's (Washington, b. 1981) combines a neo-minimalist formal language with the materials and aesthetic of the contemporary urban environment, utilizing, concrete, glass, chains and spray paint, to create a succession of surfaces that speak with a brutal beauty.

Ralf Schmerberg (Berlin, b. 1965) is an artist and filmmaker widely known for his art projects such as Poem, Holy Wood, Dirty Dishes and many more. A true visionary, he is also the initiator of the Table Of Free Voices, Dropping Knowledge and Problema as well as the founding member of the Mindpirates collective.

For further information on the exhibition and images of the works on show, please contact the gallery: gallery@gabrielrolt.com

Contact information:

Galerie Gabriel Rolt
Elandsgracht 34
1016 TW Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0) 207855146

Paradise Row
74a Newman Street
London W1T 3DB
tel: +44 (0) 2076369355

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