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September 12, 2016

Love, Chekhov, and the Magic Trunk

Like the rabbit in the hat, love, Chekhov and all the human passions and weaknesses are mingled all in a trunk and turned into magic. Where there is magic there is theater, and where there is theater there is light. This light shines upon us all, transforming the poor man into a rich man, the coward into a lion, and even transforms the woman with grace into a man with a thick head. The absence of this light is its brother darkness. Darkness suspends ones disbelief and transport them to the golden age of human beings: childhood.

Image_002.pngF2T's Company, www.f2tscompany.com, provides the vessel (and the magic trunk) for a trip back to this age of innocence. Regardless of gender, race, political views or sexual orientation the bottom line is: when we are love struck we all look the same. When in love, like schoolkids, we become ready to take the leap that turns us into the heroes that we long to be.

Love, Chekhov and the Magic Trunk above all is a play about marriage proposals where a challenge for a duel turns into a romantic relationship or turns into a heart failure of the groom. Combining farce and slapstick comedy Love Chekhov and the Magic Trunk comments on the eternal struggle between men and women as seen by the eyes of Chekhov in the midst of the 20th century. Anton Chekhov wrote these brilliant one act plays about love and the battle of the sexes way before our era; the era of tinder, Facebook and Christian mingle. This adaptation is directed by Fotis Batzas and brought into stage by Mantalena Papadatou, assisted by Rachel Zapata. Matthew Cole stage manages the lovely cast, made up of Katherine Braun, Samantha Clark, Evan Ulven, Rachel Zapata, Dylan Arredondo, Patrick Madden, Ioannis Bakogeorgos, Gianmarco Colucci, and Ingrid Raison. It will be performed at the Producer's Club for three shows, Friday 9/30, Saturday 10/1 at 8pm and Sunday 10/2 at 7 pm.

Contact: Mantalena Papadatou 201-899-6053

September 29, 2016



He is slightly unrefined and speaks his mind. And his mind is as insubordinate as his beard. At the 11th International Festival of Puppet Theaters and Movie Animation for Adults PUPPET IS A HUMAN TOO we will meet Karagöz, one of the main figures of traditional Turkish shadow theatre. It is just a taste of the festival that has been consistent in its conviction that puppets should be treated seriously.

Karagöz performed by Cengiz Özek - for it is also the name of traditional Turkish puppet theatre, in 2009 included in the Unesco World Heritage list - will open the festival dedicated to puppet theatre and its various forms of expression the foundation of which is a need to talk about the diversity of forms and contents through the theatre of animated form. For eight days the audience will be offered several dozens of theatre performances and animated films, visit the exhibition celebrating 500 years of traditional shadow theatre and experience Grzegorz Rogala's interactive installation. PUPPET IS A HUMAN TOO is a competition with international jury and a number of prizes, including the one for the best performance

PUPPET IS A HUMAN TOO, the biggest puppet theatre event in Poland, welcomes many artists from home and abroad. One of them are Feikes Huis from Holland. Their „Rothko Chapel" is a performance in the colours that are characteristic for Mark Rothko's abstract paintings. It is performed on a stage with three window frames that look like animated screens and relate to the title chapel. The question is asked: how to continue creating in the world after the experience of war atrocities. Bulgarian company Puppet's Lab reaches for Greek mythology. „I Sisyphus" formulates a question about the recurrence of human fate with puppets that can grow on an actor's shoulder or knee, looking both beautiful and awful. Spanish company Zero en Conducta and their „Allegro ma non Troppo" will show how powerful gestures can be, drawn by a pair of white gloves illuminated by a spot light against the black background.

The festival will be visited by a Polish celebrity, Kazio Sponge, age 6, a talkative guy with indispensable glasses. This character was created as a joke and almost immediately won the hearts of the audience by being straightforward, showing the world as it is according to him. His mother and creator, Anna Makowska-Kowalczyk proves that a sponge puppet with a funny name with a proper distance maintained can become our mirror, sometimes a distorted one.

PUPPET IS A HUMAN TOO is not only theatre. Animated film plays an important part in it. For the 2nd time we organize animated film competition for young animators. Apart from competition films we will watch Hungarian animation, films awarded at Animator 2016 Festival and a retrospective of Hubert Sielecki. This Austrian artist is renowned for his experimental films, and his Polish connections include his studies at Lodz Film School.

PUPPET IS A HUMAN TOO is a humanist play with a noble moral. For the 11th time we will be able to see what its organizers prepared for us, their motto being a quest for wide spectrum of variety. And we will laugh together with a sponge kid.

The 11th International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Film Animation for Adults PUPPET IS A HUMAN TOO - 8-16th October 2016, Warsaw

More information at www.lalkatezczlowiek.eu and www.facebook.com/lalkatezczlowiek/

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