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Arthur Meiselman

Brothers and Sisters here is my homily for today.

In the beginning, there were two people. Probably more... human life evidently emerged in many places on the planet almost simultaneously. There were probably a variety of variations, but what we know is that the male and female pair of the species dominantly evolved because this combination survived and reproduced better than any other. Didn't we?

Don't go away, it gets better. During the first six weeks of life, the human embryo is gender neutral. Then the magic occurs. The larger 'some' become female, the lesser 'some', male. Each develops a distinct hormone matrix. Each develops distinct physiological characteristics. Yet the two remain far more mirror images of each other than not. They truly mirror each other. Variations on a theme: almost the same, appropriately different. It is the inevitable and irrepressible influence of environment and social culture that enhances the difference, magnifies it, makes it opaque.

The great Swedish writer, August Strindberg, after a lifetime of obsession and self-disappointment in his relationships with women, declared: the only true difference between human beings is between men and women. He was right. And he was wrong. That is the perplexing dilemma.

Don't go away, it gets worse before it gets better. What do we see when we climb high enough to look back over 100+ thousand years of human life and culture? So much beauty, so much glory, but much more pain, misery, thoughtless chaos. It is a testosterone-fueled history of a male-dominated pair, of rampant male aggression and destruction, of female subservience.

Now it is apparent that this withering, writhing planet cannot support the 7 million members of the human species much longer. And it certainly cannot support the abandon of a growing population. Remember the lemmings. They remember us.

Don't go away, the gloom will truly fade. No answers to population control have worked. And it's too late to hope they will. The current slithering rate of space technology development denies the prospect of relieving the swollen population through migration to other places in the galaxy. We're not going to escape that way.

What then shall we do?

The answer is...cull the flock, reduce the population to a sustainable level. Oh my, up pops the horror of Eugenics, a concept that became a dirty word in the last century from the sick, horror-laden minds of some men. At the core of Eugenics is another dilemma: Who makes the decisions, who is culled and who does the culling? Can decisions be made free of political and personal agendas? Can they be trusted? The answer is... No!
Fade out: Eugenics.

What then shall we do?

The human female has maintained her severely oppressed and often disregarded place in the evolution of the species for an array of reasons, the primary one being... reproduction. She can reproduce, he can't. The cost to the human female is enormous. The barbaric reproductive process seriously damages her physiology, often destroys her self-esteem, restrains her survival development. No Mr. Hallmark Cards and Mr. Chicago Tribune, all the "glow" and "joy" and "happy clothes" and "nursery planning" is all icing on a bitter cake. All to distract the female from the savaging of her body, the growing imprisonment with the diminishing of her space and time. No matter how it's dressed and perfumed and powdered, it remains a barbaric process.

There is hope. Soon, very soon, human reproduction will be taken away from the suffering female, and she will "give birth" to her offspring outside of her body in a controlled environment, free of pain and emotional upheaval, joyous in her expression of motherness, and most importantly, without the need for male intervention. She will be the self-contained reproducer of the species and enlightened in her evolution. The male and his testosterone charged sperm will not be needed.  This is what we shall do.

A modest proposal

Eliminate men.

It's time.

Get rid of them.

Erase their history of aggression and cruelty.

If women no longer need men to reproduce, they no longer need men to harm them, attack them, rape them, oppress them, emotionally savage them, kill them.

Get rid of all of that. Get rid of men.

The result will be a singular species, a human species of only women, a species of peace, and contentment and unlimited potential. Besides, it will solve the swollen population problem. No vexing dilemmas of Eugenics, no agendas, no complicated methodology of fairness. Simplicity. Simply, eliminate men!

Now, my Brothers and Sisters, especially my Brothers, I know you're running short of breath and your heart is pounding. I know you're upset. Take some time. Think about my proposal. Come to understand it. I don't know how you will accomplish what must be done. I'm sure you will find a way. There is no choice... find a way or the entire species will disappear, like the Dodo Bird. Make the male a Dodo Bird and make him extinct and let the female flower in all her beauty and good will. Allow the species to survive.

Until next time... and until "that" time when there will be a new beginning. Be strong, be blessed and be sure to lock your front door.

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