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Scene4 has published a new issue every month for nearly 14 years and is now viewed worldwide by over 196,000 readers in 118 countries with comprehensive archives of nearly 8000 pages. As an International Arts and Media Magazine rather than a news&reviews web site, we are grateful for and honored by that readership. Our expansion plans call for new features including a video library, a theatres library, and a writers exchange. However, as with all 'print' publications we are struggling with severely declining revenues and increased costs. Our limited advertising barely covers our overhead, due in small part to our refusal to place distracting advertising at the top or sides of pages. Scene4 is a merged writing/graphics journal - our focus is on the writing and graphics and... the reader's experience.

We need your help to keep moving forward. As Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia fame recently noted: "If everyone reading this donated as little as $3, our fundraising would be done within an hour." Amen to that!

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Maurice Elstein

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April 2014

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