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Texture of Soggy


January 2015

shipping crate/ potato chips/ reading tree/ chicken coop/ baby-doll/ cave-dwelling/


Maybe life is like food: sometimes sour and sometimes sweet

Not in the yinyang sort of way

in the 'whoa, that's off'


    Eva L. (Listening)


    Initial Question: Shipment from remote location 


    Eva L.: Hi, this is Eva L.. I'll be happy to assist you.


    claudine: I've won an auction in Atlanta GA & I'm responsible for shipping; how do I package the item & use UPS for shipping?


    Eva L. (Listening)


    claudine: I'm in CA


    Eva L. (Listening)


    Eva L.: I suggest that you use a new corrugated box for the item. Cushion the item sufficiently. Seal the box well and label the package accordingly. UPS Packaging Guidelines are available on-line at the following link:
    You may create a shipping label on to print it and attach it on the box.


    Eva L. (Listening)


    Eva L.: May I know what item are you shipping?


    claudine: It's a piano stool


    Eva L. (Listening) 


    claudine: approx 20 lbs


    Eva L. (Listening)


    Eva L.: Do you have packaging materials on hand?

    claudine: I'm in CA--while I very well may have packaging materials myself, I am not in GA, so I cannot pack the stool myself


    Eva L. (Listening)


    claudine: could UPS pack it for me?


    Eva L. (Listening)


    Eva L.: Yes. They may take the item to any nearby UPS location to be assisted with sufficiently packaging your item. They may also help create a shipping label. A government issued photo ID is required to ship a package to a main UPS facility. You can make use of the following link to check for UPS locations:


    claudine: how can I add insurance on this, as it is fragile


    Eva L. (Listening)


    Eva L.: Do you have any other questions?UPS's liability for loss or damage is limited to $100 if no value is declared on your package(s). UPS's liability for loss or damage can be increased for an additional charge by recording a Declared Value in the appropriate field at the time of shipment. If you will be creating the shipping label online, Declared Value is in section 3 of the "Create a Shipment" page.


    Eva L. (Listening)


    Eva L. (Listening)


    Eva L.: Have you had enough time to review the information?


    Eva L. (Listening)




    UPS Live Chat Survey


    To better improve your experience with UPS, you are invited to take a short survey based on your chat interaction with the agent who assisted you. Following each question you will also have an opportunity to provide additional comments/feedback. Thank you for your participation and for choosing UPS.

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Actor/Singer/Dancer Claudine Jones has worked steadily in Bay Area joints for a number of decades.
She writes a monthly column and is
a Senior Writer for Scene4.
For more of her commentary and articles,
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January 2015


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