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Scene4 Magazine | The Steiny Road To Operadom | Karren Lalonde Alenier -

Opera and Politics - 2008 is 2016
Said Susan B. Anthony: Men are afraid of
black men because they are afraid of women

Karren LaLonde Alenier

Pratuang Emjaroen - Arts of Thailand | Janine Yasovant | Scene4 Magazine | September 2016 |

Arts of Thailand
Pratuang Emjaroen

 Art is in every particle of nature
Janine Yasovant


Hello And... Goodbye!
There was a plague, there was anguish
It was a time of fear and loneliness

Arthur Meiselman

Remember l reviewed by Miles David Moore Scene4 Magazine | September 2016 |

Film — Artists At Work
Genius, The Music of Strangers, Remember
It strikes me as a flat-out masterpiece

Miles David Moore

Old Fart Village | Elliot Feldman | Scene4 Magazine | September 2016 |

Old Fart Village
the winner is?

Elliot Feldman

The Castle Gates | Griselda Steiner | Scene4 Magazine | September 2016 |

The Castle Gates
The ‘90s glitz of Donald Trump’s divorce from Ivana and the Leona Helmsley scandals
Griselda Steiner



Volume 17 Issue 4

September 2016

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