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Tee Naanthawariis
A Landscape Architect who
loves the art of 3D filmmaking

Janine Yasovant
 คลิกเพื่ออ่านบทความนี้ เป็นภาษาไทย

Tee Naanthawariis uses both disciplines to create magnificent 3D Art Film for the property commerce and art exhibitions. He also established his own company for the purpose of creating 3D Art Film. His works can be seen on many occasions in tribute to the previous king of Thailand. Last year his team participated in Miss Universe 2018 to create digital art films for the event. 

from ThreeDLands on Vimeo.


JY: Tell us about some of your previous works?

TN: Several years ago, I had an opportunity to make three digital films about the 19th Supreme Patriarch who was the venerable monk leader. The first film was made when he was still alive. The name of this digital film was "100 years anniversary after the birth". Three months after his passing, the second one was a documentary film that was continuously projected at the temple’s pavilion for the two-year mourning period in 2014 - 2015 at Wat Bowon Niwet Wihan Temple in Bangkok. The last one was an art film featuring his biography to be broadcast all day long by the Television Pool of Thailand on the last day of the funeral (16 December 2015). The final run of the film was before the ceremony of placing sandalwood flowers. Afterwards came the cremation ceremony.

The year 2016 was the most tragic incident of most Thai people in that the King Rama IX passed away. Some of the national and best Thai artists and I worked together for the tribute. Around one month after the passing of the King, the artists had a digital art film exhibition “The King forever in the heart of Thai people”. Another exhibition we made “The beloved King” was an applied art that collected all artworks from every artist collaborator into one large artwork projected on two buildings “The Emporium” and “The Em Quartier 3” using the method of 3D Mapping. The total area was 3,500 Square meters which was the largest 3D Mapping in Asia.


A year after, I and the same team of artists cooperated with the Ministry of Culture to organize the conventional art exhibition “The beloved King” and the next one was a 3D Mapping exhibition called “Final farewell to the King”. For this, we used the same venue as the previous year.

In December 2018, as the CEO of “Three D Lands” company, I was a co-supporter with the TPN 2018 company to organize Miss Universe 2018. We were responsible for the key visual theme and created digital art films to accompany the performances in every round except the final round which was prepared by the pageant contest organizer from the USA. It was our honor to work at this stage on the international level. Especially in the preliminary round, our work was shown on the actual stage. As far as I know, the fact that Thai people received such level of great honor was something that never happened before. This helped us fully to paint the Thai concept with the digital brush for the international world.

JY: What about your personal information?

TN: I was born and raised in Takhli District, Nakhon Sawan Province. My house was near Wat Chong Khae temple and in my childhood, I often went there with my grandmother to make merit and give alms to the monks. I lived in Takhli until I finished my secondary school. After that, I spent three years to study at Roi Et Wittayalai high school in Roi Et Province. For three years, I saw a beautiful way of life and collected some more experiences in Roi Et. Then I passed the entrance examination to the faculty of Landscape Architecture, Maejo University in Chiang Mai Province. I was one of the first generation students of the course. This place was the incubator of my concept and wisdom. I would like to mention my lecturers who received master and doctorate degrees in the USA: Sirichai Hongwittayakorn and Jarat Phimboonyanant are lecturers who taught me the way of western architecture. I also like the concept of simplicity that most lecturers indirectly taught me. Apart from the actual lecture contents, I observed the lifestyles of my lecturers and this gave me much great advice. The concept of quick thinking, action and presentation is something I have used over the years.


What I have learned from the career of Landscape Architect? Initially, my goal as a Landscape Architect was to apply Thai architecture with the modern lifestyle. In 1997, my final thesis was directly related to the new theory of the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej. My question at that time was what type kind of Landscape Architecture is more suitable to idea I came up with. The answer is international culture.

I used to work with two outstanding architects many years ago. The first person is Mathar Bunnag from Bunnag Architects. His success is from resort design that brings the local soul or the uniqueness of that particular country and blends it with the modern lifestyle. The second person is Bill Bensley from Bensley Design Studios. He has thousands of books about design in his own library.

JY: Let’s talk about your fascination to make 3D Digital Film Art.      


TN: My enjoyment from film art led me to open a company to make 3D Digital Film for land and property business. I combined landscape architecture and digital art film. There are two things that encourage me to be the 3D Art filmmaker. They are drawing and watching movies.


First, I love drawing since I was young but my father who is the professional calligrapher did not support my choice back then. I had to wait until he went out before practicing drawing. My practice was to draw anything around me such as chairs, tables and motorcycles. I found that sketch training helped me control the direction with better precision. I also studied the human physiology for each age group and facial expressions to show feelings and emotions. I mostly drew faces of popular Hollywood actors of 1990s such as Keanu Reeves. I experimented with  color use in every way especially poster colors. My proficiency of color improved so much that with only a glance I can see the exact color proportion and mix any color I want in just one try. Secondly, watching movies at home was the entertainment of Thai society during 1980s -1990s because back then there were no personal computers or internet. Each house had a television set and a video player. I was the one who selected movies for my father and we watched movies together.

JY: What is your opinion about the ancient architectural works in Thailand?


TN: I studied the culture and history of many countries including Thailand. I looked at ancient sites using the principles of architecture and aesthetics. There are so many disciplines involved in the construction of these ancient sites. I can spend many days looking at these original lines, shapes and patterns. The construction concept of the Sukhothai period was totally different from that of Ayutthaya period. The advancement of technology really helps us the architects to work easier than decades ago. Now we all can browse information, images and video clips on the computer and mobile device.               

JY: What is your principle of work?

TN: As an architect and 3D filmmaker, I never want to copy the idea of others at all costs because I was trained to improve myself all the time. We have to understand things we are working on. If we just follow others and think like them, then our work will not be improved. Software is just a tool for use but creativity is more important. In my view, there are three types of people who create something new. They are artists, creatives and film directors. As the aptitude  of each person is different, there is no film director who could make the futuristic buildings like Zaha Hadid. Likewise, Zaha Hadid cannot work in the same manner as H.R Gaiger. Personally, I wish my works to be beneficial to Thai people and make them proud.


JY: What's your latest project?

TN: This year, I have a chance to work with Maejo University to thank my homeland again. Maejo is an important place because it was the place King Bhumibhol Adulyadej announced his new theory in 1995. I asked myself why he chose this area. I did some research and had a talk with lecturers and the president of Maejo University. After careful consideration, I am thinking about the cause, process and the origin. More questions came up in my mind. What is the heart and goal of the King’s philosophy? What is in the imagination of the King? Finally, I got many answers. Thai people knew that his hard work caused the King’s philosophy to be developed and they already realized what he wanted. The King Bhumibhol Adulyadej said that “If people do not leave me, how could I abandon them”. He held that promise throughout his life. Overall, 4,000 royal projects were created for Thai people. He wished Thai people to be happy in this land. His benevolence goes beyond the boundary of Thailand. Regardless of the nationality, anyone can come to learn about the King’s philosophy at Maejo University. 

Throughout my life, I will never forget the teachings of the King Rama IX and his way of working and his love for all Thai people. In my heart, I always want to combine his Sufficiency Economy theory with the real estate.


JY: And what else?

TN: Digital Art Film is a powerful tool that I used in the Miss Universe 2018 last year. At the national costume round, our Computer Graphic team surprised 7,000 online viewers around the world. Especially the preliminary round, the audiences talk about the beauty of digital scenes that stand for the way of Thai culture. Thai art that we created in the virtual world received very positive feedback from the audiences at the event and online viewers. This was the huge encouragement for our team.

Currently, I am making short films using a special technique for film projection. The story of the first film is about the dimension after death. After our lives end, our souls are still confused. Could heaven answer our questions. For this film, I use a special technique and the designs are based on the faith of people in the digital world.

The second one is also the special film “Siam Vilize”. This takes us back in time to discover the beauty of a lost civilization due to the flame of war. For this film, our team did research with great effort. Anyone who watches this film will see the images of the Ayutthaya period. The amount of research we got can make at least 12 movies about the Ayutthaya period. I can assure you that our in-depth researches with the Fine Arts Department are something you have never seen anywhere else before. I have developed the technique and design aspect of these two films. The result was greatly improved, compared to my previous Miss Universe 2018 works.

Lastly, I am looking for the co-investors to make more high-quality films. The image style is imaginary film which will be more artistic and sophisticated. If possible, I wish my films can be shown in the cinema within Thailand and abroad. At least they will be pleased to see the value of Thai civilization from the return of the lost Ayutthaya like my previous film “Siam Vilize”. It feels like we see the beauty of Ayutthaya for the first time.

Today Show Sub Thai from ThreeDLands on Vimeo.



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คลิกเพื่ออ่านบทความนี้ เป็นภาษาไทย
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