Griselda Steiner

“The face of the LORD is against those who do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.” Psalm 31


The Man drives his donkey cart

Stealing mud from open graves

Giving it to farmers sowing seeds

Watering them with the blood of sacrificial lambs

Once painted on portals to save the first born

Filling the grail with a sacred promise

Growing opium to quiet the wounded earth

Scourged with gashes from the ten plagues

Pestilence, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, radiation,

volcanoes, fracking, mining, drilling,

Scorching fires that blackened the earth

Unleashed by demonic rulers

Profiting from false prophecies


The Man ploughed a pathway

With walls dividing dark from light

Freeing slaves awaiting the Promised Land

Delivered to a new earth that bore a savior


Centuries later men were slaves again

Then the Man dug a worldwide trench

Bridging continents with a web of illusion

As men plundered the earth for her riches

Peering with orbiting eyes into her intimate secrets

 Unleashing her venomous revenge


Then the slaves asked - When will we be free?


The Man said - The more you know the less there will be for you to know.


The Slaves said - Then there will be nothing to know,


The Man said –  No, when you know everything the unknown will destroy you.


The Slaves said – Then we should strive to know nothing.


Now the quiet earth awaits resurrection.

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Griselda Steiner is a poet, dramatist, a freelance writer and a Senior Writer for Scene4. She is the author of The Silent Power of Words. For more of her poetry and articles, check the Archives.

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June 2020

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