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Chayanisa Sriwichainan

Janine Yasovant

Chayanisa Sriwichainan calls herself the Crypto Lady. She is part of the new Crypto Art world that uses  NFT (Non-Fungible Token), a type of Cryptocurrency which cannot be duplicated or copied. NFT tokens are like deeds that show the ownership of assets.

With such security, NFT is used for highly exclusive assets such as artwork, photos, memes, music, videos, collectibles, card games, sports, comics, and even fashion.

I had an opportunity to interview with Chayanisa Sriwichainan and it was fascinating to see how the commerce in art of Thailand is changing. Many Thai artists sell their works through NFT.

JY. Please tell me about yourself


CS. I was born and raised in an artwork environment. My uncle is an artist working in ceramics (Mae Rim Ceramic Factory) and another uncle is also a professor in the Department of Graphic Arts at the  faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University. It allowed me to learn and absorb stories about art. Because at my uncle's house there are many famous artists' works on the wall and photographs record the story of my uncle's time studying at Silpakorn University  He was one of Ajarn Silpa Bhirasri's students. In the past, my uncle used his house to organize the teacher's day every year. It allowed me to hear many stories from artists attending the event as they talked about the past in school. I listened and felt that art students are really happy people. I finished high school and decided to study art. At first, I thought it wouldn't be too difficult for me. But, when I studied, it was really difficult at first. It's hard to draw in a forced topic frame. 


Most of my works now are in the style of feminist fantasy art, emphasizing the play of colors and patterns. When I first created it, I didn't think people would like it. At first, there were people who both appreciate and criticize. Frequently Asked Question: "Why don't you draw a beautiful face like everyone else?"




Award for Excellence in Technology Relations in the Northern Region for Printmaking, Deep Trenches, titled "Sufficiency Economy, 2000

Exhibition history

1. Participate in the exhibition "Mutita Chit" by Chiang Mai Vocational College Alumni Club

2. Participate in a solo exhibition online
International Online Solo Art Exhibition 3 April To 10 April- 2021, India

3. Participate in international exhibitions online, Turkey USART. 19 Mayıs 1919 Atatürk'ü Anma Gençlik ve Spor Bayramı için BİZ BU RENKLERİ MUSTAFA KEMAL'İN GÖZLERİNDEN ALDIK online sergi ye 19 ülke ile hazırız.

4. Participate in the contest "VOICE OF MASK" India and in the Top 10 Collaborator Art

5. Participate in the Indian International Exhibition "CHITRAKAN: International Online Art Exhibition 2021" only women artists from around the world.

 6. Participate in online exhibitions

National & International professional Artists Virtual online Art Exhibition

PHASE -2 in July 2021, Pakistan

7. Participate in online exhibitions with Artscralts, Pakistan

8. Another international online art exhibition JOIN AYSE EXHIBITION, Turkey 20 July 2021 47th anniversary of peace activists in the Republic of Cyprus.

9. Solo art show on YouTube, India

10. Online Art Collaboration exhibition "Hues of Life" between two countries: the Philippines and Thailand

11. Selected to participate in an online art exhibition Celebrating International Artist Day "B L E S I N G S"


JY. How did you enter the NFT world?

CS. I got to know NFT because of the opportunity to participate in international online art fairs. I got to know and have more foreign
friends. The person who introduced me to the story of NFT, a friend from Hong Kong, said that our work can create more value in the world.

In April, I saw Thai artist friends discussing selling work on a NFT website, so I became interested in joining the group. At the end of July, I thought I was ready to try new things. I decided to apply and post works on a website where most of the customers are investors. With my confidence that it must be sold for sure, one piece was good enough. The first piece of work I made was with three  adjusted colors copies. I thought this is all I can sell anywhere. It's been more than a week and it's still completely silent. So I sit and think again that we have a lot of beautiful work. Why not sell one piece at all? A single work is worth it, build a new job at night.


In the morning, there was a message asking if it was my work. Someone was interested: he asked and he wanted  a real work as well. But I replied that the actual work had already been sold. I have another one, a real piece, are you interested? If interested, I'll post a new piece and send you a link. I informed him beforehand that all pieces were works. And in the afternoon, there was an email informing me that three pieces of work were sold. I was very happy. At that time, the price of ETH coins was not very high, at about sixty thousand baht. Currently, ETH is worth more than one hundred  thousand baht. It was the first time it was sold on NFT and still selling for a higher price than the real work. After that, my partner Beau began to add more work every other day. But after selling it , it's quiet for 10 days. The same Singaporean customer contacted me to paint for him in our style. and sell to him both the real image and the file on NFT and this was the turning point. I started to have enough money to fund the work on a Foundation website (this website focuses on most of the artwork, most of the customers are collectors). Build the first work on the Foundation. It takes about one month to sell. Having more market channels is a good opportunity. Because a Belgian customer missed the first work, he contacted me to ask if I have any other works, I sent him a link to the  website in the middle of the night. In the morning, I sold five more pieces. Beau thought that the opportunity didn't come often. We should not block opportunities to come, we must hurry. And now I have a Belgian client as a consultant in the planning of the work as well. For example, now I started working on multiple collections since the start of the month to the end of the month. July until the end of August Beau can sell more than 30 pieces of work. Setting the price of my works as a medium price, not set a very high price. The more collection work, the price will be set that can be easily reserved.

JY. What kind of artwork can be sold on NFT. ?


CS. We can sell all items. But there is a rule that everything has to be converted to digital files only, such as JPEG, PNG, MP4. painting, sculpture You can take a photo or scan and save the extension as JPEG, PNG, MP4.

JY. How to start with NFT. ?


CS. What everyone must-have in the NFT world

    1. Have funds used for applying and posting works for sale The purchase cost depends on the fee price in each period.

    2. Have your work, which works must not infringe on anyone's copyright, such as human faces, logos, products, cartoon characters that are copyrighted or do not imitate anyone's work.

    3. Patience and diligence These two things are very important. Because each work is not an instant sale, everyone, it depends on the timing and time and the work. Must be a diligent, diligent, creative person. continuously Diligent to promote on various social media, the most favorable response is Twitter and Facebook.

    4. Must be careful and careful. It is reputed that online transactions have both advantages and disadvantages. But if we are around, there will be no danger. Because on social media there are always scammers or hackers hidden. Do not click on any links. Otherwise, the information or money in the wallet account will be lost. The hack is caused by negligence , negligence. Most of the new applicants will hit this point a lot. That is, when applying for the first time, there will be a *seed fat code, 12 words, and there will be a warning not to save as a photo or store information on your phone or computer (warning: please write down these 12 words in a notebook only for safety and don't tell the code to others). Do not save it on your phone or computer because these two things are connected to the internet, so it's not safe.

Patience, diligence, care and above all try to be happy.


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