COME TO LIGHT | Jon Rendell | Scene4 Magazine | June 2021 | www.scene4.com
THE HIDDEN FRAGRANCE OF WATERCOLORSl | Phillip Gerstein | Scene4 Magazine | June 2021 | www.scene4.com
LOVE JUNGLE APOCALYPSE III | David Wiley | Scene4 Magazine | June 2021 | www.scene4.com|
Fire Reborn | The Art of SS Burrus-A Retrospective | Scene4 Magazine | www.scene4.com

Come to Light
The Photography of Jon Rendell

The Hidden Fragrance of Watercolors
Using the reflected light and grain of white paper to lighten one's perception of outside reality
Philip Gerstein

Love Jungle Apocalypse III

Love Jungle Apocalypse III 

The Art of David Wiley

The Art of SS. Burrus
A Retrospective

When the Earth is ravaged
and the animals are dying,
a new tribe of people will appear
on the Earth


Foul Ball - An American Soap Opera  Altenir Silva 
Chapter Two - The Story of Hall

Why Is It So Blue?  David Wiley 
I like to believe that it's possible for a two year old to teach an
eighty-three year old artist how to paint.

Settling Up  Vincent H. O'Neil
Why would I move aside for you?  When this all started, I was the only one here.  I created it from nothing, all by myself.


Letters to the Editor





Scene4 Magazine: Perspectives - Audio | Theatre Thoughts  | Michael Bettencourt  | www.scene4.com
Theatre Thoughts
An entertaining array of audio essays on an array
of topics by an astute and entertaining essayist

Ear Buds  Michael Bettencourt
What happens when we love our devices
 — and they love us back

Light Fantastic   Michael Bettencourt  
Weighty matters of brain neurons and addiction, two kisses,
single-malt scotch, and the green dance of blue and yellow lasers

Undress Me  Michael Bettencourt
In a bar, Laura turns to Stefan and asks him to undress her by word of mouth, in his best mother tongue (Video)

The Greed Gene  Michael Bettencourt
A young couple is told by their genetic counselor, the "genie of genes" that their child has the greed gene, there is nothing they can do (Video)




June 2021

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