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Marinsa Chulasevok
Following Her Dreams

Janine Yasovant


Marinsa Chulasevok comes from a famous family in Thailand.

Her grandfather was Phraya Siri Chulasevok who cared for Prince Chula Chakrabongse.


When he was very young, Prince Chula was sent to study in the United Kingdom, where he spent his teenage years, attending Harrow School. He graduated with a Bachelor's and Master's from Trinity College, University of Cambridge.


He was the author of thirteen books, including a history of the Chakri Dynasty , a biography about the race-car driver Richard Seaman and an autobiography. One notable book Prince Chula wrote in 1935, "Wheels At Speed," recorded his cousin Prince Bira's first try as a race-car driver.


Prince Chula was the child of a marriage between a beautiful young Russian girl from Kiev, Ekaterina Ivanovna Desnitsky, and an Eastern prince, HRH Prince Chakrabongse of Siam, one of King Chulalongkorn's favorite sons. (No son of a Siamese King had ever married a foreigner before.) Marinsa Chulasevok's grandfather was the child's mentor.

Prince Chula married Elizabeth Hunter who bore him one daughter, Narisa.



When famous foreign magazines began to enter Thailand, they were also published in Thai. Filmmaking, bands, art, fashion, costumes, theater performances, writing, and painting influenced by education from various institutions. The movement of those days was as prosperous as protests against the government.


Marinsa Chulasevok followed her dreams of modeling in Paris. By the end of 1980, she was a top model also working in commercials. She worked all over Europe, especially in Germany. She has lived in Munich, Germany for more than 40 years and has a feeling of Munich as her own home.


She continues to travel and work in the arts. It is her painting work that occupies her life. Her colorful designs are inspired by spring flowers in Europe with gorgeous colors. She loves to take photos. When traveling and having the opportunity, she chose to increase her knowledge in the museums. She loves the time the flowers bloom after melting snow: it is the time to travel.



JY. Please tell us about your life as an independent artist in the past.

MC. I am not living in my dreams. It proceeds with time with what happens at the moment. My heart wavers according what I want to do, what I dreamed about as a child. I wanted to be a dancer, any performer, a beautiful ballerina, something like that. I wanted to be a flight attendant, wear a beautiful skirt. I attended Chang Sin College because it looked cool. I wanted long hair, dress up. I see a clothing maker, I want to be beautiful. I see a foreigner painting on the roadside, for sale on the road, I like the atmosphere.


I like to watch Western movies more than Thai. The picture is a beautiful, beautiful dream. Foreign atmosphere looks and tastes change according to the seasons, which Thailand does not have. Snow, white mountains. green hills, leaves turn golden yellow, sunlight shines through, beautifully enchanting, flowing water, streams of ice in the morning, a thin cloud floating in the fields. Really like a dream. When I got the chance to see the real thing, I became even more fascinated.


My life got into the modeling industry with a designer. I saw his eyes. Someone invited me to work. Life had begun. It was our design, fabric pattern, clothing design. Years passed, and I became independent. I had the opportunity to join a German film set. Then I decided to follow the director back to Germany again. Started drawing, selling a little bit.


Gave as a gift, to friends, instead of a must-buy item, No more thinking of getting into the industry. I was just another model here (Germany) because I felt, I was small for a foreigner. Fortunately, we meet another persuasion. I had tried and it was ten years long in the fashion industry here. In that period, our marriage was shortened and we were strangers. We are best friends now . It's the 32nd year and I'm satisfied with being alone. We are no more partners, just close friends who love each other ... Yes.

JY. Please tell us about your education and your family.

MC. My father was  moved to another province. Mom already had an older brother there. My brothers and sisters were born there. Sadao District, Songkhla Province. My father was an army Physician Assistant who worked in Suksala (a sanatorium), my mother was a teacher. When my older brothers had attended kindergarten, my mother taught them by herself because at that time provincial school was probably not of good quality in my mother's opinion. Therefore we were open to teaching by ourselves. The children of the civil servants who moved from Bangkok came to study with their mothers, from 7-8 people to ten and twenty.

My mom also did Chicken and Duck Farming. When the children had to start studying in Grade 1, she founded a small school, Grade 1 - Grade 4. by renting a Chinese Association building. Not big enough to be able to become four classrooms. At the end of grade 4, she expanded to Grade 7. It was named Krisana Wittaya School. According to the name of our mother Krisana Chulasevok. My brothers and sisters graduated in Grade 4 and Grade 7 from my mother's school. Mom first sent me to study in Bangkok at a primary school. After that she sent every child to study in Bangkok. We and many other children were proud that we had been educated by Krisana Wittaya School. There were hundreds of more students. During those times there were students, up to dozens of people studying for free, that my mother had sent to higher education, many people more than fifty years ago.

During the time my mother founded the school, Dad opened a clinic by himself, treating the patients of the villagers even in the desert. I remember that my father rode a motorbike through fields and forests, to heal the sick. In the district, most people will know Mo Ngat and Teacher Na  (Doctor Ngat and Teacher Na )

It is the highest royal grace for the family that Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Her Highness gave the cremation for her.


JY. Please tell us about your attitudes and views towards arts in Thailand.

MC. In Thailand skilled artists are so good that they are unbelievable, but many of them are the same, addicted to thinking that it is out of date unfortunately. The art that has changed as always is more and more. There is one thing, I want to say that what is known as art, is so wide, it is very difficult to comment. We will choose to listen and think accordingly. From people who criticize or compliment: what kind of person is that person, what kind of taste, where does it come from, what has passed in that person.


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